10 Best Alternatives to iTunes

iTunes has been one of the best music tool that you will get on your PC. It is basically made for the mac system, although you can install the same on any of the windows system. The quality of the sound and the features of making folders and playlist are common, but the best thing here is to get in touch with the latest music releases. You can get to the store of the app and from there, you are going to get the downloading option for those songs. With that option, you can download the files, store on your device and listen them on the go. You can eve transfer the songs remotely to your iPod. This excellent feature makes the tool much more special than any of the gadgets. You must be looking for some of the alternatives to iTunes. Here are the top ten iTunes Alternative tools.

Best iTunes Alternative

Ecout – It is an app for iOS. You can get all the things that you usually get on iTunes, but it will not work on windows. You can browse the latest songs and music that are in the store, and can download those also. Interface of the tool is almost same like that of iTunes.


Wondershare Tunes go – Here is the perfect alternative of iTunes. It can be downloaded and installed both on windows and Mac system. The functioning of the tool, including the access to the online store is same as that of iTunes.

Wondershare Tunes go

Swinsian –The tool and its appearance will give you a feeling that it has been developed, inspiring from iTunes. The extraordinary gadget is a paid app and is only available for MAC. So, windows users stay away from the too.


MediaMonkey – This tool’s upper part is having same looks as is there in iTunes. The appearance of the device and the performance of it has got many similarities, although there is one additional function key here for setting the equalizer. The app is for windows only.

media monkeyDouble Twist – It is going to give the same experience as that of iTunes. In fact, the iTunes downloads can easily be found here and can be played too. So, you can well understand that it is a perfect alternative of the popular music gadget. Use this app in MAC, windows and also in android. This increases the popularity of the app.

SynciOs – Style of this app is similar to that of Windows’ Media players. All the things including Videos, music files and pictures can be synchronized in this app. It is a free tool, for windows alone.

Fidelia – his tool is an excellent one, with wonderful interface and excellent backups. The smaller appearance of the Mac gadget is even more attractive than iTunes.


Vox – This one is said to be the best Mac player. Now it is available in iOS platform too. Some of the Mac users prefer this app, even more than that of iTunes. It has a separate gallery of music and you can get the files from there. Some of the available files can be downloaded free even. Interface of the app makes it more special.

These are some best iTunes Alternative tools that you can select.

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