How to Bypass Surveys for Downloads – Skip Online Surveys (Best Method)


One of the common hecks today we face while using internet is Online Survey. Online surveys are annoying, time consuming, and it can affect your smooth internet browsing experience even after you have completed the survey anyway. If you ever come to face such kind of online survey, you will ponder “How to bypass it?”

How to Bypass Surveys

Well, definitely I got your back, and will be showing how to bypass surveys for downloads. But, before you dive into the guidance section, we will discuss about online surveys shortly.

What’s Exactly this Online Survey on The Earth Anyway?

It is an unproductive, time wasting, data balance wasting, energy wasting, some kind of useless headache for we internet users. But, it is exactly opposite of that for the internet marketers.

Many of websites out there forces their users to get through and complete an online survey in pursuance to download content like essential file, Software, Video file, Music file, or any. Sometimes, an user had to complete such online survey for watching video content on certain website.

Such online survey works in various ways. It can lock up the file you need to download, and completing survey works like “a mysterious path an Archaeologist must be through, for reaching the Treasure.”

So, it exactly sounds, if you do not compete the survey section, you won’t get your desired downloading file. Once you had completed the online survey, you might have provided them your email ID, or personal contact number.

Two Birds One Stone

Once they get your useful information like email ID and contact numbers, they may send you spam mails or text messages promoting their product and service offers.

An online survey helps internet marketers growing their profit, increasing their revenue in many ways. They ask users opinion regarding a certain product or service, which will help in developing their service n a better way. It is the fastest and cheapest way to achieve a market research precisely.

They had the necessary user opinion to develop their product; on the other hand, they get the way to promote their services. Like the very famous proverb “Two birds one stone”.

How to Bypass Surveys for Downloads ?

You now know, what an online survey is, and how does it work for online money makers. But you would never want to get headache with that as it is also very much time consuming. And for us, Time is money.

How to Bypass Surveys for Downloads

So, how would you get rid of that? How to bypass surveys for downloads online? Every tricks and tips you will get, right here, right now. Follow my lead.

1. Online Survey Remover Sites:

If there is Devil, there is an Angel too. If you are getting sick of online surveys, an online survey remover site may help. In fact, this method is one of the most common and easiest methods people rely on.

Here I am guiding you to use a survey remover site which is my favourite,

What makes me to prefer is, its trustworthy and malfunction free services. As it is meant to retrieve your headache, it does not bear irritating pop-up Ads.

It is good enough to remove all kind of online surveys conveniently ensuring your smooth internet browsing experience. The site is specialized in coding to bypass online surveys, providing you the main link which contains your desired file.

Below here is the stepwise way to skip or bypass any online survey using

Step 1: Open new tab and get into the beside the site which demands online survey.

Step 2: Now copy the URL link of the site which demands online survey from top of the browser window.

Step 3: Paste the URL link copied from survey demanding site in the URL search box of the Homepage.

Step 4: After pasting the copied link, hit “Go!” button. You will be immediately directed to the main page where you can easily download your desired content.

In case you want to try some other survey remover sites, you can freely go for the following sites which are also convenient enough in skipping or bypassing online surveys.

Method of using and is pretty similar to the Simply open the sites, copy-paste your URL in the box, and Go!

2. Survey Removal Tool:

Online survey remover websites are worthy enough to try out, however they can’t skip all kind of online surveys you may face. In case, for an unfortunate, you came through an online survey which is not possible to remove using the above mentioned sites, you will need an alternative.

In some extent you may need a survey removal tool like Sharecash
Survey Killer
. This tool is worthy for its malware-free and Ad-free interface.

How to Bypass Survey for Downloads Using Sharecash Survey Killer?

If you want to give a try to this survey remover tool-

  • Click on the above mentioned Title of the tool linked with downloading site.
  • Once you get to the downloading site, click on the “Download” button.
  • After downloading the tool, launch it, and copy paste the link of survey demanding site into the URL box of the tool.
  • Proceed to enter, and then you are done.

3. Extension for Online Survey Bypass:

This method is slightly different than others. In this method, you don’t need to copy-paste the URL manually. All you have to do is click on the below given link separately for both Chrome and Firefox browser, and get the extension activated.

Bypass Surveys for Chrome users &

XYZ Survey Remover for Firefox users.

There are more extensions you may find in the Web Stores, but assuring your best output, I have mentioned only the best ones I have experienced so far.

That’s it! Now that you know how to bypass surveys for downloads, you can simply skip those annoying online surveys within few steps. Next time, while you are onto downloading your stuff and suddenly any annoying stuff shows up asking your opinion, let them know that “You don’t give a damn”.

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