How to Backup Photos, Songs, Videos etc in Android Phone

How to backup photos on android
Backup Files like Photos, Songs and videos are very important. We capture each movement and keep it as a memory. And we can not think of losing them. So to keep them secure it is very important to take regular backup your phone pictures, songs and video file. Here i will tell you How to backup media in ANdroid phone.
 backup Android photos
Well best way to do this is by regular coping your phone data to your PC. You can easily transfer files from Android phone to PC and can secure your data.Otherwise if you want to keep them safe online, there are certain Android phone backup apps that give you free multimedia storage. You can also backup Android data on Google cloud.

How to Backup Android photos and Videos

Here i am listing some of the best way to backup Android photos and other media. You can check these methods to backup Android data and can secure your phone data.

SurDoc Free

SurDoc gives you free storage of your precious photos, music, videos, and files. It continuously and automatically backup all your computer data. So you can restore all your data in case of your computer crash. So with SurDoc you can access your computer or phone data from anywhere with your pc, tablet or smart phone. So you do not need to carry your laptop anymore.
SurDoc gives you 100GB free cloud storage online but it is limited to one year only.


Mega also gives the free online storage but it is limited to 50GB. But it is free for lifetime.

Google Photos Backup

Recently Google has launched this photo app to backup Android photo on cloud for free. There are lot of free space and you can easily backup your photos with this. You just have to install Google Photos app in your ANdroid phone and then it will sync all your photos, you can also check your photos on Google plus or Google drive.


The best in this category is the Google. With Google+ Android app installed in your phone, you don’t have to worry about your phone data. It will automatically upload all your photo and videos taken by your device camera to Google servers. And is free for lifetime and easy accessible. But it is limited to 15GB of storage.
So you can chose from any of the services and get free of your data lose problems. Best way to backup Android photo is Google cloud or Google Photo APP.

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