How to Find MTS Own Mobile Number in Zero Balance

Hey guys are you using MTS. If in case you forgot your MTS number , and have zero balance then you need to know How to find MTS number in zero balance or find MTS own number. Here i am providing some information for you. I thought it must be useful for you. There are two methods you to get MTS number in zero balance. Also find MTS data card number and MTS data card balance and usage details.

find mts own mobile number

MTS is an telecom operator in India, it provide CDMA network in INdia. Its service is very good , but it is available only in some cities of India. It has very cheap plans for calling and data packs. Or i can say MTS is cheapest network in India. It has very good Internet plans in dongals or data card also and its speed is also fine. If you are thinking to buy any data card, then you must also check my review of MBlaze. You can also check MTS speed test done by me.

Find MTS Own Mobile Number in Zero Balance

This is general that when we have some alternate or new sim , we forget its number and in case if it has no balance, then its very difficult to find its number. Same thing happened with me i have a MTS number and one day its balance get zero and i don’t know its number. So after researching lot to find MTS number in zero balance. I got these methods.

Method 1 : Find MTS number by sending SMS

  • In your MTS mobile, compose a new message.
  • Type NUM and Send it to 52130.
  • You will get your MTS number via SMS (so no worry you won’t be charged for SMS )

Method 2 : Get MTS number via call

You can call MTS customer care at 9141-955-955 to ensure that your MTS is still valid or not.

Please call MTS coustomer care on 155 this is toll free from your MTS mobile.

You may use other option also simple call 9141-15-1515, if calling from a landline or MTS mobile.

You came to know your MTS number simple by using above methods.

Find MTS Data Card Number

  • To find mTS data card number, connect your data card to computer.
  • Now in browser type and Enter.
  • Now Enter username and password as admin and admin
  • Now in the top you can check your MTS data card number.

If you want to find mTS data card balance or MTS dongle balance. Simply login to mTS data card with above steps and then in the menu bar click on check balance. You will get the balance.

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Or to check your mTS data card balance dial : 9875054321 from your registered alternative mobile number in mTS. You will get a SMS with balance and mTS data card number. With this method you can also check your mTS data card usage.

So you must ahve easily got your mTS mobile number with the above methods, if still you are unable to get own mTS number, you can comment below. We will help you asap.


  1. Hi I have old MTS dongle and not able to find the number… I called customer care and they could not find the number using ME no of dongle.. please tell how to find the no… even i’m not able to connect to the dongle

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