New Irctc Tatkal Booking Tricks March 2017 |100 % Working

Booking a Confirmed Tatkal ticket from Irctc is like you have won some lottery. Its not easy to book tatkal ticket from Irctc, as there is only few seats and most of them get booked in few seconds of Tatkal booking. So you must be quick and fast like robot or Rajnikant. Tatkal booking start at 10 A.M daily, and you can book your ticket one day prior to the date of journey. You can either book it from railway ticket counter or from This is the only site where you can book your Train tickets. But don’t worry , i have some Irctc Tatkal booking tricks. Just follow these methods, you will surely book your confirmed tatkal ticket.
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Note : Now you can only book 2 Tatkal tickets a day and max 6 ticket a month from one account of Irctc from 15 feb.

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Irctc Tatkal Booking Tricks March 2017


1. Fast Internet Connection : You need to have good internet connection say about 1-2 mbps. As tatkal tickets get booked fast, if your internet connection is slow, you will lose the tickets.

2. All Details in Notepad : Just fill up all details in Notepad file, Passenger name , age Id , phone no , payment details like card no etc. This will make your working faster during Tatkal booking as you do not need to type at that time.

3. Some Browser Plugins and Software’s like Magic Auto Fill, User Agent Switcher, Adblock Plus etc.

4. An Irctc account , if you don’t have one then create Irctc account now.

5. Knowledge to book ticket on IRCTC : For this you can read my guide on How to book train ticket on Irctc.

Irctc Tatkal Rules 2017

Tatkal Timings 2016 : Tatkal booking timing is 10:00 AM for AC Class and 11:00 AM for Sleeper class daily for one day in Advance i.e if you want to book ticket for tomorrow then its booking will start today at 10 am.

Note : There is change in Tatkal timing from 15 June 2015, now you can book AC Class Tatkal ticket at 10:00 A.M and for sleeper class Tatkal Ticket timing will be 11:00 AM.

Tatkal Charges 2016 : Tatkal charges deepens on your category and base fare , they have different tatkal fees according to your category and base fare.

  • Tatkal Charges for Second Class (2S) : 10% of base fare
  • Tatkal Charges for Sleeper Category (SL) : 30% of base fare
  • Tatkal Charges for Third AC (3A) : 30% of base fare
  • Tatkal Charges for Second AC (2A) : 30% of base fare
  • Tatkal Charges for First AC (1A) : 30% of base fare

There are some conditions for maximum and minimum charges shown in table below.

tatkal charges on irctc

While booking Tatkal Ticket , you need to have Valid id proofs and you must carry these proofs during your journey, without these id proofs your ticket will be invalid.

Note : According to the recent news about Tatkal ticket, you will not need ID proof while booking ticket on both offline and online ticket booking from September 1st.

Valid Id’s Proofs for Indian Railway

There are 10 valid id proof for irctc tatkal and general train journey.
1.Voter Photo identity card issued by Election Commision of India.


3.PAN Card

4.Driving Licence issued by RTO.

5.Photo identity card having serial number issued by Central/State Government.

6.Student Identity Card with photograph issued by recognized School/College for their students.

7.Nationalized Bank Passbook with photograph.

8.Credit cards issued by banks with laminated photograph.

9.Unique Identification Card “Aadhaar”.

10.Photo identity cards having serial number issued by Public Sector Undertaking of State/Central Government, District Administration, Municipal bodies and Penchant Administration.

Irctc Tatkal Booking tools

Lets now discuss about these browser plugins in detail

Latest Irctc Tatkal Booking Software and trick

To use this method you need to have Mozilla Firefox and a plugin that i will mention here.

  • First go to myrailinfo(dot)in and install the browser plugin into your Firefox browser.
  • Now just open the plugin from top right corner of browser.
  • Now fill all your details, your Irctc user password, your journey details and passenger details. If you feel comfortable you can also fill payment details. Otherwise leave it blank. Now just click on Save Data option.
  • Now open Irctc and login into your account.
  • Now all the work will be done by this tatakal booking software.
  • Now at the end you just need to fill captcha and click on next.
  • Now it will ask for payment details fill it and you will get confirm tatkal ticket for sure.

Method 2

1. Adblock Plus : If you will open Irctc website, there are lots of ads, due to which it takes time to load pages and slow down your booking process. So to block these ads and increase your page loading time , just use this Ad Block plugin. It will block ads on all website and help you book ticket fast.

You can install it from here : It is available for most of the browsers, chrome, Mozilla etc.

2. Magic auto Fill : This tool is specially designed to fast up your Tatkal Booking. This tool help you to book ticket quickly by filling all your details automatically.

How to Use Magic Auto Fill

1. Go to

2. Click on Reservation Form Button.

magic auto fill tatkal booking

3. Now it will load a form , which is replica of original Passenger detail form on Irctc website. Just fill all the details of pessangers, their name, age, id card details and phone no.

4. Now Click on I’m Felling Lucky Button and it will create a Magic auto Fill Bookmarklet. Just drag it to your Browser Bookmark tab.

5. Now while booking your ticket on irctc, when passenger detail form will appear, just click on this Magic auto Fill Bookmarklet. It will automatically fill all your details. So it will save your lot of time and make your booking faster.

Tricks to Book Irctc Tatkal Tickets

1. Irctc Tatkal Ticket Booking Start at 10 A.M. Just get up 20 Minute earlier and open Magic Auto fill and fill up all your details there and create a bookmark-let.

2. Now login to your Irctc account 10 minutes before the booking time.

3. Search your train by entering station names. But don’t use Tatkal Quaota this time ( As Tatkal Scheme is allowed only after 10 a.m , so use General instead of Tatkal). Now keep doing some tasks to prevent session time out. You can check the train seat availability between two station in many ways.

4. Now wait for your watch display 10. Now quickly chose Tatkal quota and Click the Find Train Button.

5. It will display the train list, select your seat category and click on Book ticket.

6. It will Load the passenger detail form. Now click on the Bookmark-let that you have created earlier. It will fill up all your details. Now fill the Captcha.

7. Now Click on Make Payment Option .

8. Fill your Debit/ Credit card details (I told you to keep your details in a notepad file, just use those details. Don’t waste time in Typing) You will surely get confirmed Tatkal ticket if you follow all these steps. And else it depends on your luck and Internet connection. If you want to make your Tatkal Ticket More faster, You can use Cash Wallets like paytm. It will save your payment processing time.

You can now also check your IRCTC PNR status online or by SMS. This will help you to know your ticket status whether it is confirmed or not.

Irctc eWallet

You need to create Irctc e wallet account for this. But e wallet of Irctc does not work at the time of tatkal. SO you can use Paytm wallet for fast tatkal booking and can also save money.

1. Sign in your IRCTC account.

2. Click on “eWallet Registration” link on “Plan my travel” page.

3. Submit your PAN card no. and name for verification.

4. After Verification details, create a transaction password.

You need to Pay eWallet registration fee of amount Rs 250 by the available payment options.

After this you can add amount to your e wallet using your debit/credit card or net banking. Then at the time of ticket booking you can simply pay from your ewallet , you do not need to enter your debit card details. It will save lot of time and make your booking faster.

You can use all these tricks to book Tatkal ticket on Irctc. If you get any problem in Tatkal ticket booking on Irctc , just comment below. Me and my team will always ready to help you.


    • irctc eWallet Registration
      Login to irctc account by entering your Username and Password.

      In The “Plan my travel” page you will find a link for eWallet Registration.

      Click on “Click to register now!” link for eWallet registration.

    • hello Sumit

      The post contains all the links and tricks for Irctc tatkal booking. Could you please specify which link you are talking of.

  1. after 10.00pm …….this site is unreachable try after…… itry more times signout and modem switch off ,cookies and temp removed but ……..its waste

  2. bhai kindly updated new paymetn option according to new rules… m wating or kindly tell me over mail or do me a miss call on 9015451315 .. i need help imidietaly..

  3. I am continuously trying to book a tatkal ticket but unable to do so. I had already filled the details in my railinfo but site is not working between 10 to 10:10. its not working.

    • Bro just install railinfo plugin in your Mozilla firefox, it will work for sure. I have recently booked a confirm tatkal ticket with this trick.

      • Bro Dharmesh, I seem to have a problem getting Railinfo plugin to work in Firefox. Though the plugin is installed, 1) how to check the version no. and 2) the instructions say that Ctrl-M is not working, so use “Book Manually”. The Railinfo page does not show this option anywhere. Pls guide how does this plug-in work once all the details are filled in it.

        • Hello Vikram

          To clearly describe how this rail info plugin work i am making a complete video for this. I will soon update you with the latest Irctc tatkal booking trick video.

  4. aftery 10am the site becomes currently unreachable and unable to proceed
    plz suggest some way to overcome this problem .

    • Hello Rajesh

      Yes this is happening from last few days, Irctc site showing this message. We are figuring it out and will come with solution soon.

  5. pl clearify that if your place is close to irctc server u can book ticket with in 15sec (places like UP,Bihar,WestBengal) but if u are in Mahrashtra,TN,Kerela u cnt book before 35 sec the difference would b of 15 tp 20 secs

    • Hello Charai

      Well its the first time i heard of such thing that if you are near the server your ticket will be booked fast. As i don’t have any knowledge regarding this, i can not comment on this.

  6. Hi Goyal,

    while booking more than one tatkal ticket in one transaction, do we have to provie the ID Proof( PAN/Adhar/…) details for every passenger or just for the first passenger should be enough?

    • No you only required to provide id proof for one passenger but it is advised to add details of all passenger as If the passenger whose identity card number is indicated on the ticket is not traveling, all other passengers booked on that ticket, if found
      traveling in train, will be treated as traveling without ticket and charged accordingly.

  7. At 11AM I saw 174 tickets available for Secunderabad Machilipatnam Express.I filled in the details and it took me around 3mins,but by that time my ticket went for CKWL 4.

    I don’t know whats happening at the back end and how come in 3mins 170+ tickets are booked.There is definitely something fraud happening at the back end.

    Main Problem is OTP generating is taking long time.I am using ICICI Credit card for payment.

    • No if it will not confirmed till chart preparation then it will cancel automatically and if you travel with it, that means you are traveling without ticket.

  8. Since the start of this year 2016 Irctc is having almost no “service not available” errors .However the website Itself has gone through lots of advanced changes Mainly for the Tatkal bookings..
    1st condition is that one needs to be a huge tech savvy & Even after being a huge tech savvy there is still only a 50-50 chagbe of getting a tatkal tickets .
    But again it also depends on what train, where you wanna go , what time of the year ,what month you plan your journey cause sometimes if there is no rush even withen 12 to 15 mins you cud still get confirmed tickets.
    But some times if its a rush season everything abt tatkal gets over in just under 2.5 to 3 mins Lol
    The captcha is a much more difficult than before.
    I have booked lots of confirmed tatkal tickets but some times no matter what i do some or the ither problems comes. 🙂

    • Yes Parag there are lots of things that matters while you book your tatkal ticket. But the main factor that i analyzed is first the internet speed and other is the how fast you can fill details, even at the payment gateway.

  9. i almost made all tickets using the above trick. but since few days even then it results in Waiting list. Is there any sofware which are more faster like the time in payment is not wasted?

    • Normal ticket booking is always on, just it is halt for some 15 minutes at 00:00 hrs to 00:20 for maintenance.

  10. for paytm like wallets do i have to keep money in my wallet and yes what if my ticket doesn’t confirm how to take the money in wallet back

    • You can keep money in advance or can add at the time of payment, if you cancel it will be refund back to your paytm wallet

  11. E-wallet not working on Tatkal booking when it is highly needed. Its frustrating. Why one should opt for e-wallet. I recommending friends not to opt for e-wallet. You can use this money even for IRCTC food also.

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