IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Cancellation Rules and Charges For Indian Railways

Tatkal Ticket Cancellation Rules and Charges

Its very difficult to understand the rules of Irctc. There are various rules for each services and they keep on changing with time. Like there are some rules for Tatkal ticket cancellation. So before you cancel any ticket you must know the Irctc cancellation rules. Otherwise in some cases you will not get any refunds. So you must have some knowledge about Tatkal ticket cancellation charges. So here i will clearly explain all the rules and charges of Cancellation of Tatkal ticket.

If you have read my earlier post, you must be know about the Tatkal scheme and How to book a confirm Tatkal tickets. As the cancellation rules are depended on the timing, so you must also know the Train chart preparation time and rules. Let us now discuss what actually is the Train cancellation rules and there charges. Then we will also discuss about the refunds also.

Irctc tatkal ticket cancellation rules and charges

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IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Cancellation Rules and Charges

The rules of Cancellation is depended on whether your ticket is confirmed or not. You can check the status of your ticket by checking Irctc PNR status. So here we have two cases a confirmed ticket and a waiting list.

Cancellation Rules for Confirmed Tatkal Ticket

According to the rules of Indian railways there is no refund on cancellation of a confirmed Tatkal ticket i.e if you will cancel your confirm tatkal ticket , you will not get any refund, your full money will be lost. But its a good practice that you cancel your ticket, if you are not traveling. As other passenger who are traveling with waiting list will get there seat fast.

Cancellation Rules for Waitlisted Tatkal Ticket

Irctc gives refunds on the cancellation of tatkal ticket but that depends on the status of your ticket and the time of the cancellation. First thing that you must know that e-ticket can be cancelled online only with your account through which you have booked the ticket. And you can only cancel your ticket before the chart preparation.

Full refund will be given after deducting clerkage charges per passenger for the Waitlisted tatkal ticket. This ticket cancellation will be done before the chart preparation. If you have booked through Irctc and your complete ticket is in waiting list after the chart preparation. Then your ticket will be auto cancel and the refund will be proceed according to the existing Railway rules. So you can not travel with that ticket, if you will travel with that ticket, you will be assumed traveling without ticket.

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You can also cancel your ticket partially, but at least one passenger whose id is printed on ticket should travel. If you cancel the ticket of the person whose id proof is attached on the ticket, full ticket will be cancelled.

This partial cancellation is needed in some cases like , when you have booked ticket for 4 passenger and out of four two ticket is confirmed. And as confirmation of other two is not sure. So you can cancel the rest wait listed ticket, you will get full refund after ducting some charges.

As such the refund will be auto initiated by the system itself. But in case if you did not get the refund you can file the TDR from your account. They will sort the problem and help you getting your refunds.

I think you are now able to clearly understand the tatkal ticket cancellation rules and also the Tatkal ticket cancellation charges. If you still need any other guidence in Tatkal booking or other you can comment your query below.


  1. I have E ticket tatkal for 3 passengers bit only one is confirm other are wl 1 and wl 2
    I still waiting for chart preparations
    Pls tell me if chart is prepared and if other two members are not confirm will my ticket will be cancelled or I will automatically get refund in my account despite one member is confirm

    • Hi,
      u wll get full refund, just clearkage charge will get deducted(30-40 rs per paseenger).
      Irctc is having a policy that if all passenger ticket are not confirmed on a single ticket then u can cancel the ticket & u are liable to get full refund just 30-40 rs. wll be deducted.

  2. Hello Dharmesh,
    Your blog is impregnably informative and helpful. I would like you to clear my query about refund policy, i.e.
    if my tatkal waiting ticket gets automatically cancelled, then will I be considered to have full refund (i.e. just deducting clearkage charge)?

  3. By mistake me and my friend both have booked tatkal tickets with same names twice.. She also booked and i also booked .. Can we get refund of one booking?

  4. I have booked confirmed tatkal ticket but train is delayed by more than 6 hours. Can I cancel my ticket and get refund. If yes then what is the procedure.

  5. My tatkal e-ticket (2 passengers) auto cancelled after chart preparation. However IRCTC has deducted 120 Rs while refund. I spoke with IRCTC call center and they said 60 Rs per passenger got deducted as per policy. How much is the clearkage charge?

  6. i have confirm tatkal ticket but the train is 8hrs late and not yet started from source station. now, if i cancel my ticket will i get any refund?

  7. My tatkal ticket is confirmed but my train started from origin point on time but now it is delaved by 5hours. Will it get the refund on my ticket cancellation.

  8. I booked tatkal ticket on 23-1-2017 & journey date is 24-1-2017 and i cancell it today before 8 hours to train departure.. will i get my refund…..plss help me

  9. Hi Dharmesh, I have booked 4 Tatkal tickets but train being late about 7-8 hour, If I am going to cancel my tickets. than please confirm that I can get my full amount as refund.

  10. I have booked a tatkal ticket but the status is WL16 and I want to cancel it as I have booked the flight for the safer side. How much refund will I get?

  11. If I Booked a Tatkal ticket and showing WL5, after few hrs I have changed my plan and I want to cancel the ticket, should I get full refund o not. Ticket amount is 2450

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