10 Upcoming Smartphones in 2017 With Leaked Features and Arrival Date

New Year has arrived with fresh new hopes, wants, and expectations. Talking about new things, the New Year also comes with lots of surprises and latest releases. This year is not an exception too. The tech era has surprised people with its masterly innovations. This year that is 2017, a lot of such gadgets are expected to show up. In these release series, a lot of smartphones are supposed to unveil itself this year. So here is your chance to have a look at all the latest releases of smartphones and snipe away one from them, if you are planning to go for a new phone this New Year.

Latest Mobiles to Arrive in 2017:

1. iPhone 8

iPhone has always been in the news due to its extra smart features in the sphere of smartphones. This “Cupertino-based” firm is familiar for its outstanding performance in the smartest device segment. iPhone has always intrigued its users with its unique releases every time. Its next latest revelation of iPhone 8 has already set heat in the market. Its latest features and specifications are expected to be astounding.

One remarkable fact about Apple phones is that it comes with many advanced and unique features that sustain for a longer period in the market. Some of those expected features are; edge to edge OLED display with glass body, faster A11 processor, wireless charging, no home, the sensor with touch ID fingerprint and front facing the camera. Though these features are all rumored, they are not officially confirmed yet.

Expected Date of Arrival: September 2017

2. Microsoft Surface Phone

This smartphone from Microsoft is a much awaited one. The phone is expected to run on Windows 10 OS and featured with Intel chipset. Though not much can be said at this moment, it sure has created excitement among the smartphone users. The screen is expected to be 5.5 inches with Super “AMOLED” display on the front having QHD resolution. Though this phone is still at the stage of development, yet it could just do business that Windows Microsoft exactly needs.

Expected Date of Arrival: First Half of 2017

3. Nokia D1 C

Nokia has always served its customers well throughout. It is not lagging behind in the race of high-end smartphones in the market. Nokia is coming with its Android set “Nokia D1 C” on the market. Its specifications are not clearly revealed yet, but some of its unusual features in the news. It is assumed that this smartphone will have two “Hardware Versions,” fingerprint sensor, 3 GB RAM and with Android “Nougat” 7.0 OS.

It may either come in 5 inches or 5.5 inches full IPS HD display with (1920 x 1080) pixels resolution. It is expected to come with 64-bit Qualcomm Quad Snapdragon processor and 505 Adreno GPU. It comes with 32 GB internal storage with 16 MP rear cameras and 8 MP front camera which is good news for the selfie lovers. It is expected to hit the market around February 2017.

Expected Date of Arrival: February 2017

4. LG V21

LG is coming up with a lot of surprises, last year its V10 was released.  LG has already released its G5. The Korean company announced that they are planning to unveil two sets this year, one of which is LG G5 that has already been talked about and the next one is highly expected to be this LG V21. It is assumed that it will have a distinctive secondary display. LG hasn’t leaked its features, so not much can be said for now. But after the highly praised V20 from LG, LG V21 is also expected to get high appreciation.

Expected Date of Arrival: November 2017

5Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung has serially served well in the smartphone circle. Though it was seen in the middle, its market fell a bit, but later many other smartphones releases have balanced such downfall of the company. Recently it’s in the news that this release of Samsung Galaxy S8 will be one of the best smartphones of 2017. In this high competitive market of smartphones this company has decided to reveal this smartphone, but the contradiction is whether it will have a flat or curved display.  But from higher authority, it has been confirmed further smartphones will have no curved screens.

This marvelous Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to flaunt with its FHD IPS 5.1 inch display. It will be having 847 PPI pixels of density. It is equipped with next generation “Snapdragon” or “Exynos/Media Tek 830 processor. One of the breathtaking features is it will be mixed with 6 GB RAM. It will also be featured with dual rear cameras of 12MP+13MP and the 5MP secondary camera, which is perfect for selfies. It will run on latest 7.0 Nougat Android OS. It will be available in 64 GB storage space with 128 GB expandable storage space. Price is expected to be around 40000/- which is bit high, but it’s worth it.

Expected Date of Arrival: April 2017

6. Xiaomi Mi 6

Mi has successfully made its place in this massive competition of smartphones. It has served good smartphones in the hands of consumers. This time its unveiling its new smart handset named “Xiaomi Mi 6”. There are many gossips about this new smartphone from Xiaomi. Instead of the glass body, it is assumed to have a metal body, which is more damage prone.

It will be fuelled with Ultra HD 4K 5.2’’ screen, with 4096 x 2160 pixels of screen resolution. The screen of this phone will be protected by a Glass 5 Corning Gorilla protection. The pixel density will be around 700 ppm. The OS will be running on the advanced Android 7.0 Nougat. The device is expected to come in three variants; of 3 GB, 4 GB and 6 GB along with various storage options.

It is also assumed that it will come with a 7MP front camera and 23 MP primary cameras. The rumors have that it will come anytime during Feb and sell most probably start from March 2017.

Expected Date of Arrival: March 2017

7. LG Flex 3

LG has come up with its new set of flexy-y smartphones as LG Flex-3. Its features are not yet revealed entirely. The forthcoming LG Flex 3 smartphone is expected to come with a premium designed metal body. This smartphone will be coupled with 32 GB internal memory and 4 GB RAM, powered with 820 Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. The battery will be approximately 3000-3500 mAh, having an excellent camera and a fingerprint sensor.

Expected Date of Arrival: December 2017

8. HTC Sailfish and Marlin

HTC has currently collaborated with the Google. Its latest release Sailfish and Marlin is expected to be the best release so far from HTC and Google’s Nexus series. The phone with 5-inch screen and full 1080 p FHD display are all ready to be in the market soon. The pixel density will be approx 440 pp. It will be powered 64-bit processor of Quad-core of 2.0 GHz. This phone will be having 32GB storage space, which can further be extended using a micro SD card. It is coming with dual speakers, USB port, and enhanced fingerprint sensor. The battery will be backed by 2770 mAh. This GSM-based handset will be coming with 12 MP primary camera and 8 MP secondary/front camera. 

The new Nexus smartphone that is nicknamed as Marlin and Sailfish by HTC, of which one is a premium designed phone and the other one is affordable set.

HTC’s Marlin specifications include; Quad-Core Qualcomm processor, 5.5’’ QHD AMOLED display, 2560 x 1440 pixels screen resolution and 4 GB RAM. It will be available in the market with 32/128 GB expandable memory along with fingerprint sensor.

Expected Date of Arrival: October 2017

9. Google Project Ara

Google has already made a massive delay in its modular smartphone series. But this time it is finally expected to launch its Ara project of smartphones. This smartphone from Google is said to be changed in its usage method by the users as per preference. This smartphone is more like a customized one, which will prove to be the best smartphone as one can set them as per their preference. This makes it exciting and sure one is looking forward to getting the set on their hand.

Expected Date of Arrival: No confirmation

10. One Plus 4

Regarding advanced high-tech products, Chinese products have always left a mark in the market. This One Plus smartphone from a Chinese Manufacturer has come with few first latest flagship smartphones at reasonable prices. The OnePlus 4 with Snapdragon processor is setting high excitement in the market. It is expected to another great smartphone. Those are eager to buy new smartphones with the latest features, yet with comparatively low price, this is one of them. Coming to designs and looks, Chinese have always come with cool designs. So, the phone is expected to look great. It is assumed to launch at the end of June 2017-01-10.

Expected Date of Arrival: 10 June 2017

Once these smartphones show up in the market grab any one of them and give yourself a new feel with all new smartphone of gen-next. They are all from trusted companies, and a majority of them have served in the world of smartphones over the years. 


  1. All these smartphones have cool features and powerful configurations. The phone that attract me is the LG Flex 3. It’s full features are not yet disclosed but its design is awesome. I imagine how it feels to grab this smartphone.

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