15 Cool Google Easter Eggs list That make You Feel lucky

Google Easter Eggs

In today’s world if you have internet connection you have access to nearly all the information in the world. And in this Google Search has been like a magic wand for us providing us with every information we want and it is easy to take it for granted because the team behind it is so good at what they do. They work so hard to make sure that Google never goes down and is available to you via all the screens in your life and sincerely tries to only improve at its core mission.

All Google Easter Eggs List

One more interesting thing about Google development team is they are huge gigantic nerds. We can tell this by the trail of Easter eggs they leave behind. All kinds of little fun-pranks are hidden throughout the Greater Google verse. They are mainly of the geek variety like references to old video games, science fiction and mathematics, mainly all nerd stuff. You can simply access them by using a specific word or phrase as the search string.

It is to be noted that there are a lot of search eggs that have been retired over time. For example

  • If you are searching weapons of mass destruction and clicking “I’m feeling Lucky” it would return a bit of agitprop
  • If you are searching Let’s Snow it, would give you a holiday surprise.

There are also some search eggs specific to regional versions of Google. Below is a list showing some of the active eggs available on Google.com.

  1. Search Atari breakout in the Google search and click on the Images, it will prompt an occasionally buggy game of Super Breakout constituting of all the images of the Game.

    Atari breakout

  2. If you search for “super mario bros” you will see in the side info card a blinking question mark box appears, clicking on which you will get some coins.

    super mario bros

  3. If you type “do a barrel roll” in the Google Search, you will see the entire webpage rotate clockwise by a full 360 degrees for once and then stop, even if you refresh the very same page it won’t rotate further.

    do a barrel roll

  4. Probably the classic Pacman is still the most popular arcade game of all the time and is as enjoyable as it was years ago. And if you wish to or are thinking of playing a level, all you have to do is type “pacman” in the Google Search and a card will come up asking for “click to play” and in front of you there will be a playable version of the game. Enjoy playing Pacman.


  5. This one is actually fun. You just type “zerg rush” and your search results will be attacked by herds of O alphabets from all possible sides and the game is you have to destroy the Os by repeatedly clicking them. There is also a scoreboard on the top right corner of the web page. The game ends when either all the search results have been destroyed or if when you have defeated all the Os. The high score can be shared as well.

    zerg rush

  6. If you are not a keen fan of symmetrical things then search for the term “askew” in Google Search and the whole webpage will be skewed or tilted to the right side.


  7. Type “google in 1998” and it will show you how it looked back then by going back in time. It had a humble beginning when it started off in the year 1998.

    google in 1998

  8. Innumerable disputes are solved mostly by flipping coins, no matter how big or small the dispute is. Thanks to this Easter egg that you don’t need to carry a coin all the time. All you require is Google in your phone. Search for “flip a coin” and it shows flipping whether head or tail comes. Best of Luck.

    flip a coin

  9. There are so many games in which you need to roll dices. And it is so normal you losing the dice. Google solves the problem and makes it much cooler. You just have to search “roll a die” and Google gives you a random no. from 1 to 6.

    roll a die

  10. Well gravity applies everywhere on the Earth and this is proved by Google too. Type in “Google Gravity” and in the search click on the first result. You will see all its user interface elements fall to the base due to gravity. This is applicable to all the searches made on this page as well.

    Google Gravity

  11. We often use once in a blue moon term while talking when we want to refer to things that have a tendency to occur very rarely or almost never to happen. But being such a vague term Google finds it irksome so it gives a value of 1.16699016 × 10−8hertz which equals about 2.7 years which is a pretty spot-on representation of “once in a blue moon”.

    once in a blue moon

  12. Search for “fun facts” or “I’m feeling curious” and Google will get you a fun fact card filled with a bit of trivia and the chance to get another random fact.

    fun facts

  13. We all know what a recursion is. Recursion involves repeated application of certain recurring procedures. So if you search for “recursion” it asks you back if mean to search recursion, again. If you click that word it repeats the same procedure thus setting an infinite loop.


  14. Bletchley Park if any of you knows was the home for British code breakers during World War II and thus Google Easter eggs pays homage to the importance of the location and the people who worked there. Search for “Bletchley park” and a Google search information card appears on the right playing an alphanumeric code sequence which eventually spells out Bletchley Park.

    Bletchley park

This list shows only some of the Google Easter eggs and there are yet many more. Some of them, as said earlier, have been retired over the time. Keep browsing and searching and you may yourself discover many more on the way.

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