25+ Funny PUBG Memes That Makes you Laugh Loud

The Gen Y kids and teenagers love to play online games. The young generation of these days has a packed schedule in their everyday life. They hardly get any time to relax. Gaming often seems to be one of the most preferable stress bursting activities. Though some of them have a craze to play games on mobile or computer, people usually play such online games in their leisure time. A game just takes them in a different world far from the daily hectic life and provides them a bit of relief and enjoyment.

In recent days, an online game has taken the entire spotlight in the world of gaming. The name of the game is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. This is more popular in its form of abbreviation, which is PUBG. This was developed and released by Bluehole. This is a subsidiary of this video game company. This game can be played in mobile and desktop both. This is a modified version of “PlayerUnknown” created by Brendan Greene.

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Why is PUBG so popular?

PUBG is a complete action based shooting game. In this people may form squads in two or four. The battle starts with up to one hundred people over there. The soldiers are brought into an island by a parachute. The players are always provided with the area map. They have to follow the map and have to move forward according to it. Then the players need to perform some ‘loots’ to collect weapons, clothes and the other necessary things. They need these all on the battlefield to kill the opponents. The soldiers have to be always very active to protect themselves. They have to seek every possible way to kill the opponents. The squad or player standing till the last wins the round and gets a delicious chicken dinner!

This game has a separate fan base these days. Young generation loved the game so much that they have included this game in their everyday life. Social media is not left behind to promote PUBG. The administrators often make funny memes on it and make it viral. Here are such extremely funny memes on PUBG listed in the below:

30 Best PUBG Memes

  1. Every PUBG player will understand that their one and only party is Chicken Dinner. It will be only possible when they are landing at Pochinki.

  1. During Exam or in any serious or tough situation PUBG players want to get rid of that by thinking of Pubg gameplay. Only thing they think that calls of PUBG invitations.

3. It is a great feeling when your team wins using your instructions. But the sad fact is you died at the beginning of the game.

  1. When someone starts spraying using M249 or DP-28 every PUBG car driver has the fear of getting themselves killed. Worst ways of dying in a pubg match.

  1. Blue zone is like fire. It will gradually demolish you. So every PUBG player starts sprinting when the Blue zone is rushing toward them.

  1. It is very annoying when after a tough batter battle between you and your opponent you succeed to kill the opponent and then your friends comes up and takes all the loot of the opponent.

7. PUBG Players will understand this fear. When you don’t have any Helmet and Vest one shotgun bullet can take you life away. Running away is the best solution.

  1. Never mess with any 6X lovers. It may shorten your life. When your PUBG freak friend wants scopes from you better give him/her one. That will save your life.

  1. Every Pubg players has a fear of this. At the last zone when you are in a fight with your last opponent and their comes a call and you got killed by your opponent. A PUBG player cannot tolerate this.

  1. When we try to study PUBG takes on our brain gradually. No one and nothing can stop this. PUBG players can study only after playing for a huge time.

  1. Playing PUBG all the day can destroy your common sense and can make you a person of other personality. It has serious effects when it takes on your mind.

  1. It is better to kill your opponent in Desi process than using the best gun with a good scope. The former one gives you immense pleasure.

  1. PUBG will surely hamper your studies. At the time of the exam every topper will take the revenge. They won’t help you as their life was not as happening as yours.

  1. Every time you run over a player in PUBG, there comes a feeling on your mind that you are Salman Khan. But you are sure that you will face no danger your friends will have to deal with this.

  1. It is hard to digest when you are wearing a Level 3 Helmet and you got knocked out because of a Headshot. AWM is very hard to get rid of.

  1. Every wants to find a Sniper. No one wants VSS. AWM is dream gun for all.

  1. Be the first one to land at Pochinki. That the only way to be safe in this game.

  1. School is not for Noobs. Be a Pro then land on School or Pochinki.

  1. PUBG is all over the boys’ mind. It’s a great affection.

  1. Can’t Tolerate Campers. Cowards should have no place in PUBG.

  1. You win or the one who killed you wins is nearly same for most of the players. It has a separate fan base.

  1. Pistols are for the Pro players. Snipers are for the noobs.

  1. Buildings have everything inside them. More effective than PUBG rooms.

  1. Peek from any house and have a head shot. Seeing fight between other opponents is a great fun.

  1. Never mess with AWM. Whatever you have is nothing in front of AWM.

  1. PUBG addiction is injurious to health.

  1. Bro, where to land? Most difficult question asked by anyone.

  1.  Go first and loot as much as you can. Then you can help other teammates.

  1. Don’t mess with Red Zone. It can destroy a whole squad.

  1. PUBG is not for snakes. But snakes always take all the glory.


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