3 of the Very Best Games Like Minecraft Out There

In case you hadn’t heard already, Minecraft is hugely popular right now. In early 2018, it was recorded that the game had 74 million daily active users, which is the current record for the title. There’s also a Minecraft movie supposedly arriving in 2019, as well as an annual gathering called MineCon, not to mention the swathes of merchandise available all over the world.

Creator Markus Persson could never have predicted just how big the game would become when releasing it in 2009. Minecraft is unique, which makes it all the more fascinating to look at the many, many clones which have sprung up around the game in the hopes of cashing in on the blocky-mania sweeping the world.

Minecraft’s huge advantage over the replicas, other than the great mods, rich gameplay and unique graphics, is its ever-growing number of active servers and all the users jumping online to take advantage of these incredible virtual worlds. The likes of Mineplex, Zero.Minr, WesterosCraft, and Hypixel are all considered some of the biggest and best online communities, and it’s through companies like 1&1 providing hardware for Minecraft servers that this game can keep gaining new fans while being so fun and unpredictable.

However, while we know how great Minecraft is, it’s just as easy to spot a decent clone of the game. Inspired by the recent Minecraft replica that’s appeared, Pokémon Quest, we thought we’d run through a few of the best duplicates in the world today.

Dragon Quest Builders

Taking Minecraft’s ‘destroy/rebuild with blocks’ theme, Dragon Quest Builders is actually far more of an action RPG than Minecraft could ever hope to be. Set in the fantastical realm of Alefgard, it’s essentially your role to rebuild the entire world again, of course by using conveniently square blocks. Developed by the famed Square Enix, Dragon Quest Builders was actually very well received upon release, with Gamespot.com stating: “The excellence of Dragon Quest Builders illustrates the versatility of this 30-year-old franchise as much as it speaks to the engrossing appeal of Minecraft-inspired creation.”

LEGO Worlds

LEGO has come a long way from simply making children’s toys, as it is now a powerful brand in its own right. With a Lego theme park, Lego movie (plus an upcoming sequel), and many Lego-themed video games, such as Lego Batman, seeing a Minecraft-like game appear was really no shock at all. The fact that the game has arguably more creative world-building options has been slightly overshadowed by the finicky controls and the hard-to-grasp combat system, with IGN.com writing: “For almost every really cool moment of accomplishment or discovery, there was another moment of frustration, confusion, or bugginess to clip the wings of my inner child’s imagination.” Still, if one can master the controls and overlook the bugs, LEGO Worlds is a real delight for those wanting more Minecraft-type games.


Some could call Terraria a Minecraft clone due to the pixelated graphics and the overall blocky world, but it has actually become much more than that, with some thinking it has surpassed Minecraft. Being more of a classic 2D side-scrolling game, Terraria is different by having far better action, but there are still some crafting, building, and combat options that Minecraft fans will be familiar with. The game has been received well by reviewers and the general public, with sales actually hitting 200,000 copies in the first nine days alone.

None of these games can really hold a candle to a massive title like Minecraft, but they do a solid job of getting close to it. They are certainly inspired by Minecraft, but have enough differences to be called their own game.

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