5 Apps Every Writer Should Know in 2018

Whether you are the old-fashioned kind who prefers paper and ink or a technophile who prefers the latest gadgets, the right writing app is akin to having a miracle from God. Since writing doesn’t only revolve around brainstorming and getting inspiration, the right app can go a long way toward saving you a lot of valuable time and effort. Here are some of the best writing apps in 2018 that can help you turn ideas into words. Most of the apps listed here are free to use and you can access them on any device. Use them to perfect your craft no matter where you are.


Writing is hard. At times, putting the first few words on a blank document can be extremely painful. It becomes even harder when you experience the dreaded writer’s block. The condition is inability to come up with writing ideas.

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Writer’s block can cripple any writer. Luckily, The Brainstormer helps writers overcome writer’s block. It is one of the few creative writing apps that can help spark inspiration and ideas on any subject you might want to write about.

To get your inspirational juices flowing, manipulate the wheel or choose a random spin on The Brainstormer’s website. The app then generates combinations you can use as creative writing points. Armed with these prompts, you are almost guaranteed to find inspiration to write again. This app is available for both Android and iOS devices.


Now that you have inspiration for your next writing project, expect to get loads of ideas. You may get so many idea that you will be unable to keep track of all of them. What is even scarier is that good ideas tend to pop up when you least expect them. With the Evernote app, keeping a record of every spark of brilliance is easy. The app lets you take notes, which are instantly synced, to the Cloud, allowing you to access them from all of your devices.

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Evernote is available on Google Store and the App Store. The free version gives you 60MB of free monthly storage, which is plenty of space for notes that are in plain text. You can upgrade to the premium version that gives you extra storage space and functionality. As far as new writing mobile apps go, Evernote premium is the only application that allows you to access Office documents, email attachments, and PDFs.

Microsoft Word

This is the preferred writing tool for the staff at Eduzaurus. Most writers are interested in a solid word-processor application. While every writer may demand certain, specific features from word processors, there are core features such as mobile editing options that are necessary for the modern writer. To this end, Microsoft Word is the best word processor available to a writer. It supports older file formats and different layouts, which is quite handy for different writing projects. You will have to purchase a copy of the application, but the investment is well worth it. With a license, you can install the software on several devices.

Hemingway App

All writers should have the Hemingway app in their toolbox. It goes a long way words helping you avoid common language and structural mistakes you might make. The app lets you concentrate on telling the story. When you’re done, simply copy the text onto the Hemingway website and it will highlight complex sentences and common grammatical errors. It uses a color code to highlight different areas where you can strengthen your manuscript. Using the Hemingway app strips unnecessary words from your text and makes what you’re trying to communicate crystal clear. The Hemingway app is free.


Built-in spell checkers can only get you so far. You need a dedicated grammar and spellchecker to eliminate any mistakes in your text. If you think that you can catch all the errors in your text by yourself, you might be surprised to learn that writers are largely unable to edit their own work. That’s why editors will always be in demand as long as writers continue to paint entire worlds with words.

While Grammarly will not replace a human editor, you can use the app to make your writing more structured and tighter. The application catches thousands of grammatical errors and structural errors. It also helps you to eliminate instances of passive voice in your text. Moreover, you can use Grammarly to improve the vocabulary of your text immensely. All of these features come at a price though. The premium version goes for roughly $30 a month, but there’s a free version that helps you correct spelling mistakes and grammar errors.

These are some of the best writing apps you can use to make your writing better and more effective in 2018. Just remember that you will always be your best writing app! Only you can reach your story’s happy ending.

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