5 Instagram Tricks You Should Know

In recent days, Instagram is a viral social media application where people chat with their friends for long, update their status just like Facebook and upload their pictures. It is mainly compatible with any Android and iOS devices. The Instagram is owned by Facebook and is famous as a photo and video sharing social networking service. In Instagram, the users have the option of making their profile private so that only their followers can view their posts. Before starting to use the application the user needs to create a free account via the existing Facebook account or by email.  There are few tricks for using the Instagram that every user should know. In this article, we would discuss these best five tricks for the user’s benefit.


1. Directly Post from Instagram to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and more:


A user can set up his or her Instagram account in such a way that whenever he or she wants to post a picture on Instagram, then that picture is automatically posted on all the other social media accounts rather than posting the same picture on each social media website like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. individually.

  • To do this setup, the user needs to go to the Profile of Instagram
  • Then to the Options, then Linked Accounts, and select link a social media accounts.
  • After linking, whenever a user wants to post a photo on Instagram, then you can select the social media platform you want to share the photo along with Instagram.       

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2. Long Press to Preview Photos:


By using the long press action, the user can use the 3D touch functionality on Android phones to quickly view Instagram photos in full size without opening them. It helps in scanning all the images without opening the images. Along with the photos the long press action works for videos as well.


  • Story Highlights and Story Archives:


It is a known fact that by design the Instagram stories are ephemeral. Recently Instagram introduced a new feature that automatically archives all the stories after they expire. To access all the archived stories the user needs to tap on the profile button and then again tap on the Archive button present at the top of the page highlighted with the archive icon. In this archive section, the user can access all the expired stories and can view and share them as a new story if desired.

Along with this feature, Instagram also introduced a new story highlights feature which enables users to share memories or highlighting stories directly on their profile page. The user needs to visit the Profile page for creating a Story Highlight and then need to tap on the new Story Highlight button. Then the user would get an option to select stories from the Story Archives, and that can be shared on the profile. The user needs to remove the Stories Highlight manually; those are not removed automatically after 24 hours.    


  • Pause, Rewind, Fast Forward and Skip Stories:


While watching Instagram stories, the user needs to know how to pause, rewind, fast-forward or skip stories or else it would be a big problem for the user. While watching those stories, the user might get bored sometimes or sometimes it might be so compelling that the user may desire to watch it repeatedly. In such situation, the functionality of pause, rewind, skip and fast-forwarding the stories are required. It is a natural process to perform these actions as the user needs to hold to pause a story, to rewind the user needs to tap on the left-edge; to fast-forward the user needs to tap on the right edge, and need to swipe left to right to skip the entire story.


  • Use Instagram Live:


Similar to Facebook, Instagram also allows the user to go live and share live video recordings with the followers of their account. The service provided by Instagram really makes it easy for the user to share the real-time happenings. The user needs to swipe left to right on the home screen to access the camera mode and thus select the live option from the different modes present at the bottom of the camera interface.


It can be concluded from the above article that the tricks for using Instagram can be of tremendous help to the users having an account on Instagram. It enables the users to efficiently manage the Instagram account, modify the settings and flexibly handle all the functions through the account. Sharing live videos and posting photos are the most crucial part of all the functionalities of Instagram which can be done very quickly by knowing these mentioned tricks. Apart from the mentioned tricks, there are several other tricks which should also be recognized by the user.                    

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