5G network in South Korea (Launching and other news)

5G network in South Korea (Launching and other news)As the news is out on wide spectrum of South Korea to launch 5th generation mobile network soon. I’m here to elaborate that. Korea Telecom has to say that they are working on it and building the team with getting together with Intel.

After a lot of rumors of it getting to work from March 2019 or inflow of it in 2020 etc. NO! Now the 5G network is going to work full flush in 2018 winter Olympics PyeongChang. Since Olympics, as considered to top of all the events that happen across the globe, showcasing new tech has been the point of difference.

The speed will countably be 1000 times faster from what you used in 4G evolution offers. 5G will be blasting in terms of internet speed like beyond you can think of. The example can be downloading of any high definition movie in just a single second.

Though it is expected to be implemented this way, this is quite a sure thingy that it will pave all the errors that the people have been facing in before scenario in 4G and lower generation scenario. The projects that took time than expected will not delay anymore. Low latency will be an astounding advantage if we start on counting rather than its incredible speed.

Moreover, the news and updates are even telling that they are likely to make an investment of over 9 billion to promote the upcoming latest technology. Adding to the measures, around 3 mobile carriers- KT Corp, LG Uplus and SK Telecom has initiated doing commercial operations of 5G networks and surely it will appear nationwide by 2019.

Since we still cannot expect the commercialization of 5G before 2020 due to the norms and rules of companies. The Government tries to negotiate and standardize the norms for a smooth run of 5G.

Comments on 5G project of Korea

Oh Seong-mok (Korea Telecom KT President):  He said the company has set up the network for a formal test run in the Gwanghwamun area in downtown Seoul from October and it has successfully achieved a transmission speed of 2.3 Gbps.

KT chief executive Chang-Gyu Hwang: He believes that this change can bring a lot of dramatic changes in the industry. Earlier also SK is marked to be the largest one to enjoy the fastest speed of 4G and now 5G

CTO Choi Jin-sung said: SKT will leave no efforts behind to achieve the world’s first commercialization in the 5G network.

Frederic Pujol (Tech expert IDATE): We will be seeing amazing roll-outs of 5G in the United States as the first commercial services will even be available by the end of the year.

5G network in South Korea (Launching and other news)
Bottom Line

As the battle is going quite strong in reaching the commercialization of 5G trail. SK is sort of involved in risk of being pipped but yet the support goes to the side in all haul.

The launch of 5G network in winter Olympics at PyeongChang is surely a marketing ploy to get over from the stiff competition of commercialization. The basic problem which could mingle is the support of mobile networks. It is believed that people would need to change their entire mobile network to use 5G. Mobiles will be allowed partly to use network by “cloud”, not from physical computers

Since the frequencies used will not be available in Europe but in the USA then it might affect the use of 5G at the global level. So the companies and tech world who are advanced will seek their own standards to impose 5G network.

Overall, after all the discussions and debates what is left in the end is a lot of investment over the launching of project of 5G and surely it is likely to get launched in winter Olympics at PyeongChang 2018.


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