A Superfast Mov to Mp4 Converter Software with 1000+ Video Formats Options

In this digital era, there are ample amount of sources over the net to enjoy. One can easily stream a movie or a video song. But, saving a movie offline and watching it as per your comfort is quite a task. Just imagine you have a movie in a format which can only be played in certain devices and not in all. Or you have an HD movie at your PC and you can’t transfer it to your mobile device owing to its size. This way the enjoyments get faded. So, here we bring you the best converter available in the market, Wondershare Video converter Ultimate. This will be your true mate in digital video watching experience. Using this converter you can convert almost 25 types of videos to MP4 format which is widely accepted across devices.

Steps to convert MOV to MP4-

It’s very easy anyone with basic knowledge can use this tool and can easily convert their video files. Well, we have explain all the process in these steps.

  1. First, download and install the Wondershare Video converter ultimate in your Windows Laptop or PC.
  2. Once Install, run the Video converter software.
  3. You will find an option to add files in the left. You can add video files that you want to convert by clicking on “+ Add files” option or you can directly drag and drop files into that window.
  4. You can now select the video file from your computer or directly from some other device like your camcorder. Once added, this tool also allows you to edit the video before converting.
  5. You can do lots of work with the video like clipping, cropping, merging, adding subtitles etc. Even you can watch the preview of your edited video.
  6. You can also add multiple videos to convert them all in one shot.
  7. Then, you can choose output format from a list of many formats with resolutions and required size. You can compress the file size by selecting the lower resolution.
  8. This tool also gives you the option to convert the video file into audio like MP3 and other options that I personally feel useful is Device selection, you can select from the whole bunch of devices like Apple iPhone, PS4 etc.
  9. You can also merge a group of videos at once to get a bigger and longer file.
  10. You can also convert multiple videos in batches. While converting in batches, conversion can be done at 30X speed.
  11. And when you’re through with all the pre-selections just tap on the convert button. And your conversion will start.

And within a few minutes, it will be converted to your desired format. you can open the output folder and can play it.

Other Highlighting features

This is not the sole task of this video editor. You will be surprised to know that this MOV to MP4 converter can do lot many tasks for you. Here is the list of other tasks that can be undertaken using this Converter.

  • Edit Video

You will have the option to edit videos before converting it to your desire format. You can trim the video as per your requirement of video length. Video can be cropped as well. Watermark can also be added to the desired video so that your product is never lost its identity.

Applying effects is also a simple task here with this converter. You will have many effects to choose. If you wish to add subtitles, this will be super easy with this beautiful converter. So, in short, you have the perfect weapon to Videography.

  • Download Video

You can download videos from the internet and enjoy unlimited access to entertainment without an internet connection. Not only downloading but also converting the downloaded videos is smooth with this video converter. You can enjoy any videos from YouTube or any such sites in your mobile devices. Simply paste the video link and select the desired resolution and click on Download button.

  • Burn to DVD

This converter empowers you to burn any format videos to DVD. You can burn HD, FHD, iPhone videos to DVD or Blu-ray discs for playback on TV. And supported formats are huge like formats like iMovie to DVD, MOV to DVD, AVI to DVD or you can burn ISO to DVD discs. While burning video to DVD, you can even set parameters, add a background picture or your desired music and also add templates.

  • Transfer Videos

Using this converter you can transfer video files to external hard disk, android memory, USB flash, and even to apple devices. During the transfer, you don’t have to worry about the format. This software is intelligent enough to convert the media files as per the supported format.

  • Video Compressing

No one likes to have big files in their mobile devices eating up much of your memory. This video converter lets you compress the big files into smaller ones without any loss of quality.

  • Converting into VR

These days, videography has been upgraded like anything. Virtual Reality is the thing of these times. Converting any media files to VR enabled is a simple task for this software. Just convert it and enjoy the video to the core.

  • GIF Picture

These days of Memes and GIF, you will never want to be on the back foot. This software allows the videos to be converted into GIF files.

  • Screen Recording

Are you a YouTuber? Or like to assist people on PC related things. We have got you covered. With the help of this Software, you can record the screen or desktop with your voice.

  • Cast to TV

Are you a geeky person, who always try to show off among friends of your technical know-how? This software is for you. You can cast any media files to the TV using this software as a media server.

Well, we have given you the list of activities that can be done with the help of this video converter. Starting from editing to burning Blu-ray quality to DVD, this software will never let you down. We assure of the quality of videos converted and the speed with which it works is just mind-blowing. Whether you are downloading a video from YouTube or Converting a video to your desired format, you don’t have to wait a lot.

Anyway, this software needs to be on the PC or computer only. Away from the computer,
you can always use the free mp4 to mov online converter Media.io. It’s 100% free and promises with the best quality conversion from MOV to MP4. You only have to log in to this website and add a file using the internet, then the conversion will start. But it has some limitation in comparison to the desktop version like it’s pretty slow and only allows max 100 MB file and only a few formats available.

So, the tool of every day’s life irrespective of your profession is completely free. You can edit the videos as per your choice, watch any format after conversion, and download any videos you want from the Internet. Almost everything related to media is covered. So, what are you waiting for? Just download it, run it and give it a try. You will not repent.

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