AADHAAR details will now be mandatory to Create a new Facebook Account

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms we know to date made to connect people to the world. Facebook has been working on bringing some latest features to their platform and “linking your AADHAAR details to your Facebook” is one of them. Recently Facebook has confirmed testing the AADHAAR Authentication for a limited number of Facebook users. This is getting to get rid of the fake accounts available of the platform by entering your card details while logging in.

Facebook has over 241 million users from the country, making India the second most abundant market in the US.  Facebook’s mobile site is currently testing a prompt to your you name as per on card while creating a new account on the social network to curb down the fake accounts. A great way to discourage users from using fake names on Facebook.

However, a Facebook’s spokesperson confirmed us “We want to make sure that the users use a name, they are commonly known as on Facebook, which makes it easier to connect to their friends and family. This is a small test which makes it easier to recognize them by friends while signing up.” Although, only a limited number of people are receiving that prompt while creating a new account and thus we also tried creating a new account and were asked to enter the name as per on AADHAAR Card.

At the moment, the prompt shows only when you try to create a new Facebook Account from its mobile browser (m.facebook.com) and for the users using its mobile application will not need to enter any details while signing up. Moreover, we are not sure if the Facebook is planning to make it mandatory to link your AADHAAR details to your Facebook Account as Facebook has confirmed nothing.

Notably, linking your AADHAAR details has become mandatory on your mobile numbers, bank accounts, and PAN cards recently by Government of India and was part of the critical debate of misusing your details as you just need AADHAAR number and every linked detail will flash in front of you. However, linking your UDAI details does avoid duplication but is also a matter of concern if the details get misplaced.

For now, nothing is confirmed if Facebook will make using AADHAAR details mandatory or not but is a great way to shut down the fake accounts and is also a matter of concern over privacy. However, if anything gets confirmed, we will keep you informed of our end as this is only a small test for an only limited number of users.

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