AdGuard for Mac Review : Blocking Ads like None Other

Ads are very annoying no matter what type of work you’re doing on your Mac, which makes it inevitable to use a guard for a better experience. Ad blocker for Mac is an essential tool to have and serve the purpose of terminating Ads. An Ad Blocker is a program that removes different kinds of advertising that a Web user’s experience online. These programs mainly target specific kinds of advertisements such as banner ads, pop-ups, and other forms of online publications for avoiding annoying distractions and interruptions caused by these ads. Few Ad Blockers work as a standalone program while other blockers are the features of more comprehensive customizing services.

Due to its extended benefits, different software and a variety of methods have been used for blocking advertisements. There are plenty of reasons for using Ad Blockers like protecting the privacy, reducing the number of HTTP cookies, protecting from malvertising, save bandwidth and money, etc.

About AdGuard for Mac

AdGuard is the first standalone Ad Blocker in the World for Mac Operating System. The AdGuard Ad Blocking software offers much more benefits and features than any browser extension could ever provide. It has the capability to block all kinds of ads in all browsers and even in other applications along with protecting the privacy through the way. It is not free software, as it provides 14 days of the trial period to the users.

You will get the 1.5 version for Mac OS which is also reviewed as the best tool to be used as an Ad Blocker in Safari web browser. This program works efficiently for every browser and is always successful in stopping or blocking ads in all the browsers, from Safari and chrome to the most exotic ones. The user can easily download the Ad Blocker for Mac by AdGuard without a need for extra applications or browser extensions. AdGuard was developed from scratch unlike other Ad Blockers which means better optimization, native design, and a perfect match for the MacBook Air and other devices running MacOS.

Benefits of Choosing AdGuard

There are several underlying benefits in choosing AdGuard as the exotic ad blocker that can be used in any of the browsers. These are as follows:

  • AdGuard can efficiently perform ad blocking banner ads, pop-ups, video adverts, etc. And due to its unnoticeable background filtering and cosmetic processing, the user would be able to see clean pages with the content that is targeted for.
  • AdGuard helps in surfing the web in a secure and safe manner. It protects your Mac computer from phishing and fraudulent websites.
  • It protects the privacy by fighting against all the trackers and analytical systems that might spy on the user with the assistance of special Spyware filter designed by the AdGuard team. It assembles the rules against all the known online analytics that try to steal the private data.
  • AdGuard even filters the advertisements from the inside applications of the system by providing an option to the user to filter traffic of any app installed on the Mac System.

Other Features of AdGuard

Apart from the above-mentioned features of the AdGuard, there are several other features that make it an exotic ad-blocking software.  With AdGuard remover you can efficiently prevent watching ads while watching YouTube videos on Mac systems. It helps in cutting edge and blocking many types of online ads in a more innovative way. AdGuard offers a series of browser extensions for the most popular browsers like Chrome, Safari, Edge, etc.

The AdGuard team has an open forum to communicate and leave feedback on the AdGuard for Mac on their forum. The team has an open bug tracker to report issues or check the working of the AdGuard team at a particular moment. If any question arises in the mind of the users regarding AdGuard, then they can head to the knowledgebase of AdGuard for their required answer. The Telegram feature of the AdGuard helps several users to get information on updates has a chat with the AdGuard team in real time. The XDA is the place for all the hottest discussions on AdGuard for Android. In the AdGuard Reddit section, the users can subscribe, comment, upvote, and start new threads. Along with these, AdGuard is also present in various social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Download AdGuard

AdGuard can be downloaded from the official AdGuard website. All you have to do by clicking on the download tab. On clicking the download tab the adguard.release.dmg file is downloaded, further clicking on it and opening the file would initiate the AdGuard installation procedure. On successfully completing the installation, the software would provide 14 days of the trial period to the users.

After using the software in the trial period, the user can review the execution of the software in the open forum and opt for the paid version of the software according to the requirement. Thus downloading the AdGuard accomplishes the users to be back in control of their devices and their very own internet experience.


AdGuard, as discussed previously, is a standalone program that shows the similar excellent ad blocking quality, but lacks in some of the secondary functions like Parental control. In spite of having various intrinsic limitations compared to the standalone apps, the AdGuard browser extensions still perform in a decent way in blocking ads and trackers and are completely free to access. Thus to comprehend the fact, AdGuard for Mac is an excellent Ad Blocking program with several features and benefits and has successfully managed to accumulate all positive reviews from the majority of its users. Apart from Mac, it is also available for Windows, Android, and iOS versions.

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