Advice for Startups Looking to Embrace Technology More

When a startup doesn’t begin in the technology field but realizes early on that they’ll need to embrace technology more than they expected, it often requires a change in thinking. Ideas that once seemed fresh and new are now obviously behind the times and other projects seem unworkable. What’s needed is a new way of thinking and a decision about how to proceed.

There are different approaches to take to the problem of technology in a field that traditionally hasn’t always been so eager to accept it. Here are a few thoughts on the issue.

Creating a New Division

One option with a startup is to create a second division to take a completely new avenue. This is where people in the team have technology-related product or service ideas that aren’t suitable for the existing brand or operational environment.

Creating a new division usually in a separate office environment is a way to bring together the kind of creative and technical minds necessary to pull off a whole new thing. Essentially, it’s a tech startup and needs to develop a fast-moving, creative environment to succeed.

Reorienting the Startup as a Tech SAAS

Another option is to reorient the startup completely to move it into a Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) business model. It depends on the type of business and industry being operated in whether this will be suitable or not.

The idea might be to create a SAAS as a technical cloud-based solution that brings software online and mobile instead of a desktop-based solution. It could be something in addition to the main line of business or the central hub where everything else revolves around it. It depends on the type of business how best to configure it. You can even get web hosting under an SAAS deal.

The business will require a team of web designers, programmers, and back-end server system operators that understand the mechanics of cloud computing to set up and troubleshoot. This applies even if the servers are managed in the cloud by a third-party hosting company.

Getting Help from the Experts

What should a company do when it’s unsure what direction it should move in and how seriously to embrace technology as a central part of its business model?

At this point, it’s sensible to seek out a technology consultancy firm who are experts at analyzing a business and determining how best it can utilize technology to its advantage or reorganize its future plans. A consulting firm is one of the better companies to get in touch with to see how they might help the business. They can look at the current operations and make recommendations on how to increase the use of technology or pivot to something more viable.

With technological development, it’s now moving so fast that companies cannot afford to get left behind. Become stagnant for too long and it becomes impossible to catch up, let alone release something competitive in the marketplace. Having the right plan is important, but so is moving quickly once you have it.

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