Airtame launches new product, Airtame 2

Screen Mirroring is something we usually avoid because most of the time it feels very hectic as it requires a wired HDMI Cable. But in 2014 I.e 4 years ago, Danish Startup’s product “Airtame” came into existence and was a revolution in the field of screen mirror. It was different from others because Airtame wasn’t asking for a wired HDMI cable. 

Danish Startup Airtame introduced itself as a game changer in the HDMI market. Their concept was appreciated at every possible level and Danish Startup set a new record in crowdfunding held in 2014, as they had raised $ 1.3m and shipped over 100,000 devices worldwide.

Danish Startup moved ahead and with a moto of providing their customer more adaptability, versatility and quality, they have designed a new hardware which is going to be launched soon.  This particular hardware is named as Airtame 2 as it’s a successor of Airtame. Like Airtame, Danish Startup is expecting thousands of stunning responses for their product and the huge appreciation for the company. 

In order to achieve what Danish Startup is expecting, they are all set to deliver a lot more than that they have delivered in AirtameAirtame will be far better than the first generation of Airtame or we can call it the first version of Airtame.  

Features of Airtame

This new product will not only provide the best solution to wireless to screen mirroring, but it also has some integrated apps too. Along with this, unlike the first Airtam it will not mirror the screen whereas, Airtame 2 will re-imagine the black screen and will turn it into a vibrant, colorful screen. 

Apart from all this, there are several other features that are available on Airtame 2 but were absent in Airtame 1. So, let’s have a look over, 

Major differences between Airtame 1 and Airtame 2. 

  • 2x Wifi Range : Wireless range on Airtame 2 is almost double to that of Airtame 1. 
  • New and Smart Wifi Chip

Airtame 2 will deliver the features 5 times faster than  Airtame 1 use to deliver. Along with this, Airtame 2 offers a more reliable solution than Airtame 1. 

Responsive LED   

Airtame will have a multifunctional LED notification light that will let you know whether your device is active, standby or being updated.     

Quick Mount   

In general, if we want to mount a gadget or appliance on the wall then we need to drill some holes, but if you have the same desire of mounting the Airtame 2 on the wall then you need not look for a driller, you just have to stick the Airtame 2 with the wall using the inbuilt magnet mounts.  

Kingston security Lock   

It was always a pain in the head to secure our devices in the public environment or semi-public environment but Airtame 2 will offer an inbuilt locking system from Kingston. Through this input security lock, you can protect your device from any sort of cyberattacks

Now, talking about what Airtame’s CPO and Co-founder “Brain Kyed”  thinks about their device.

According to his official statements “ Airtame 2 takes a huge step forward in design and functionality, Where the main objective of our first product was to get rid of cables, Airtame 2 will empower people in professional settings to use screens and projectors to their full potential – and unlock better collaboration. 

He added “After years of product development and user feedback, we’re proud to deliver Airtame 2, which is not only extremely easy to use but will also improve any forward-thinking workspace.” 

Price of Airtame 2 

From the official announcement made by Airtame, it is expected to be retailed at a price of $399 per device. No wonders, the company is expecting to make double the revenue that they made from Airtame 1. Airtame is situated in Copenhagen with some other offices in New York and San Francisco. 

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