4 Alternatives to Asteria and Other Top Action-Adventure Games for iOS

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Asteria is a fast-paced 2D sandbox action indie platform. It has loads of mining and crafting tasks for you all in a procedurally generated world. It also has hand designed dungeons and offers you to explore and conquer all the dimensions. It is a full science fiction game and has fully destructible double resolution terrain blocks. It has ranged mining, and you can mine more than one block per shot. There are no such melee weapons, all you can do it fast-paced fighting.

The game has more than 80 items to craft, among them 9 are tiers of awesome gear. In the game, the generated overworld has a total of 9 layers of different materials, which you will get as you dig deeper and deeper and it also provides you with a hand designed dungeon maps.

It also offers you correct looting chests and unlimited stack amounts, which means you can have a million items in a single stack. You will have a 900 slot hypercube of holding inventory. The game also has a creative mode along with copy and paste option. It is also extensible and moddable, and hence, total conversion might be possible in the game.


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