11 Alternatives to C14 Dating and Other RPG Games

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This is a role-playing and simulation game that is widely popular among the adolescent age group. C14 Dating gained its popularity for its thrilling combination of archaeological explorations, friendship, and love. The game is developed and published by Winter Wolves. It is compatible with Windows XP, Mac OS 10.4 and Linux operating system. The basic storyline of the game is the player will play the game as Melissa Flores, who is a 3rd-year anthropology student and has participated in the summer archaeological internship.

So, the game is all about staying 5000 miles away from California, in Belgium, which is a new country for two months and excavating at a prehistoric site that has Neanderthal remains in the past. During the stay, the player might find friendship and love. The other characters of the game are Romance Deandre, Hendrik, Kyler, and Shoji.

Apart from the genre of Dating Sim and romance, the game is full of thrilling adventures that is related to the archaeological excavations of the Neanderthal remains. The game is developed with entirely different castings but with unique characters. This is an adult-hybrid game with the original soundtrack and beautiful manga artwork that defined a very aspect of the game skillfully.


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