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Carnal Souls is an open-world, text-based, pornographic, RPG adventure game. It comes in as an 18+ game, with a lot of transformation and sex. The game is although text-based but it  also contains some images and is art-filled. It is developed a funny artist Benji.

Experience, levelling, skills, perks, generated loots, spells, quests and exploration are some of the most essential things of this RPG. The game set is basically in an open world which contains large cities, small settlements, ruins, caves and many dangerous dungeons. It has turn based combat and has a wide range of unique enemies. You can fight them, blast them with the help of spells or seduce them, choice is yours.

High-quality adult work will be added to your collection as progress or your level increase. It also provide you highly interactive sex scenes offers and offers you the choices to act as per your wish before or after the scene, so you can bang how you want to.

You can also earn some titles and nick names by completing specific quests or completing achievement, so that NPC’s will call you by the name of your choice, where they can. NPC’s will always address you as they see you. They may mistake your gender but you can fic pronoun preference in the options provided.


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