10 Games Like Citizens of Earth and Alternative Role-Playing Games

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Citizens of Earth is a role-playing video game which is published by Atlus and developed by the Eden Industries. This game can also be described as a giant proof on earthbound and the players should collect the constituents which are similar to the Pokémon game. Several characters are also added to the party in the progress of the game.

A unique title and personality are provided for each player in the game. The enemies can give commands to already three members in their party. The battle screen will be opened separately when the enemies will get close to the vice president.

A high enemy rate is encountered during the crashes and you can also use the overworld map to list out the enemies in your game. The story revolves around a suspicious coffee shop which is present along with a missing president. And the elected vice president can take his role when he begins his first day in the office. The main role of the players is to collect the required constituents and move forward to becoming the vice president. This game is available for the Microsoft Windows, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Some of the characters are added to the party in the game progress.


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