2 Alternatives to Corruption of Champions and Other Such RPG Games

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Corruption of Champions is an erotic, flash-based, pornographic, text-adventure, role-playing game. The game consists of various themes such as Furriers, Transformation/TF, Gender Swapping, Futanari and many more.

The Gameplay revolves around exploring lands, fighting demons and many such adventurous activities. The game starts with the player character, i.e., you exiled from your town into Demons Realm. You will be the part of the village. You will be extradited from your village. The village has a traditional ritual to choosing a “champion” every year. The champion is primarily determined to battle against demons, to protect demons. Thus, you’ll be sent to an unknown dimension, where you will have to choose your path on your own, either fight with evil or embrace it.

To get the chance to explore the unknown realm of demon’s world, fighting demons using a turn-based combat system, and collecting various items and foods to transform the player character into assorted animals and mythical creatures—Each giving boosts to the player’s attributes based on the type of creature.

The game has got many characters, and of course, you can choose or create as per your choice. Each time, your level upgrades, a perk may be is chosen, if they meet the prerequisite. The endings, of the game, is however common in every game, which is mostly the result of losses, repetitive actions or certain choices made by you.

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