10 Alternatives to Craft the World and Other Top Action-Adventure Games

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Craft the world is a unique strategy sandbox game. This game is direct inspiration from Dungeon Keeper, Terraria and Dwarf Fortress. Dekovir developed this strategy game and released as an alpha on Windows Phone Store on 13th December 2011.

Currently, the game has two versions, i.e., free and paid. The company is looking to add the third all-new beta option. Both the versions of the game, free and paid had been updated to the versions 2.5, which of course includes many new and exciting features like enemy characters, which helps you to attack the player, crafting, building, collecting, and more, all have been added in the recent few versions of the game.

Craft the world allows the player to explore a randomly generated world, which is entirely populated by dangerous creatures. All you need to do is build a dwarf fortress, gather useful resources and craft all the items, weapons, armors that you might need to experience multiple games with different types of worlds. You can craft hundreds of articles. A campaign mode with preset worlds or a fully customize sandbox mode with plenty of parameters, all is up to your choice, choose the world you want to explore.


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