11 Alternatives to Dandelion – Wishes Brought to You and Other RPG Games

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Dandelion- Wishes Brought to you is a female-oriented game that is developed by Cheritz. It is a unique concept of dating and simulation game with a charming and sensational storyline. The game was released in South Korea in 2012. The name of the developer of the game is Sujin Ri, Marcos Arroyo, Seona Lee, Somi Lee, and Sohyeon Jeon.

It is one of the most popular games among players that is praised because of its amazing deep storyline and high production value. The protagonist of the gameplay is Heejung Kim, the heroine, who is a college student and too much stressed in struggling to make the best through her life.

Apart from the protagonist, the characters of the game are Jisoo, Jiwoo, Jihae, Jieun, and Jiyeon. The storyline of the game is all about a stressed girl, who was tired of hearing her mother’s criticism of any work she did. So to get rid of this, she traveled from Seoul to Busan and made her life busy and stressed as before.

Suddenly, one day she received a basket of five small cats and rabbits, which she kept with her after a long panic and got used to those animals. Surprisingly, one day those cats and rabbits transformed to attractive men with cats or rabbit ears, wearing European based style clothing and thus the storyline continues in this way with lots of sudden breakthroughs.


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