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If you are a dog lover but for any reason is unable to keep one, here is the game that allows you to keep a virtual dog. Dogzer is an online game that has a lot of different virtual dogs you can adopt and play games with it. Once you adopt a dog, you must take care of his every need. You have to feed it on time, take to walk, play games with it, and much more. If the pet is ill you also have to take it to the clinic for treatment.

Also, you will find various dog shows where you can take your pet and win prizes. You will find all the dog breeds and can choose the one that you like the most. In this virtual world, you can find a job for animal services like a vet, a trainer or a groomer for dogs. You can interact with other dog breeders and increase your dog breeds.

You can visit the official website and signup after which you can start enjoying this game. The home page is similar to a social media website as it also has social media features in it. You can easily get hang of it in few minutes. The user interface is minimal and simple.

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Virtual Villagers

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Virtual Villagers is a series of Real Life Simulation game. Originally it was developed for PC and Mac platform. Later iOS and Android version were also launched. There are five games in this series viz. The Lost Children, A new home, New Believers,...

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