10 Games Like Earthbound and Alternative Role-Playing Games

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Earthbound is also called as mother 2 in Japan which is a Japanese role-playing video game. In this game, the players travel around the world to collect the 8 melodies which are useful to defeat the Giygas which is an evil alien force. This game was released in the year 1994 which is developed by Ape Inc. and HAL Laboratory.

The development period of this game is about 5 years, and a range of popular and exotic styles are diversified in the soundtrack. The two compact discs are filled with enough music including the salsa and dub music. Simple graphics are used in the game as an attribute to critics.

There are many repeated threats for the cancellation of the game until Iwata has joined the team during the development. The original schedule to release this game is actually in January 1993, but the development is completed around May 1994.

A real-world setting is featured in the traditions of this popular role-playing game. Various allusions and private jokes are added to the western pop culture during the American release. In order to confusion whether this game is a sequel or not the title of the game is changed as Earthbound which is earlier called as mother 2.


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