10 Alternatives to Epic Inventor and Other Top Action-Adventure Games

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The epic inventor is a two-dimensional, action role-playing game. It is a side-scrolling game with RTS and RPG elements. It is made from the inspiration of Minecraft and Terraria but is not the same. In the game, you are an adventurous mad scientist and you along with your inestimable helpful robot, will have to survive in a strange world and unleash all its secret and your imagination, a dangerous world, full of weird possibilities.

The game is simple like any other 2 D action role-playing game. With your progress in the game, all you have to do will be kill off your enemies with your well-equipped weapons. For which you will, of course, gain some experience and some levels.

The game can be entirely different when it comes to open its inventory and find out that you have loads of abilities to create and build tons of objects. Moreover, the plus point in the game, or maybe a plus point, is that you will have a helping robot with you, who will always follow you from the very beginning.

You can use it to take care of many tasks, and it can act as anyone for you. A bodyguard? A worker? Alternatively, whatever you want. The best part about Epic Inventor is still left, and that is, what could be better than having all the fun and enjoyment for free? Yes, Epic Inventor is a free-to-play game available to all.


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