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Etsy is a ruling name when we talk about e-commerce websites which sale handicrafts, handmade or vintage items. The website has the vast range of products in handicrafts and vintage art. All of its items include art, photography, clothing, beauty products, jewelry, food, quilts, knick-knacks, and toys.

The key point of the website is in its vintage items, all the vintage products are at least 20 years or more old. Esty follows the tradition of “open craft fairs” selling, which allows sellers to showcase their items at the storefront with 20$ per item.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re buyer or seller. You need to register to access its facilities. Moreover, username once created cannot be changed.

No doubt, it is a great place for buying and selling handicrafts. Sellers can choose their name of the shop and showcase their items over it. Overall, it is giving a good fame and marketing as well. Consumers can see and compare the best product and site. Buyer can even search with the name of company and brand whose handicrafts or artwork was interesting as in current date mostly all the famous vendors are registered with Etsy.

Etsy surely deserves to be in the category of most popular side business. It gives a place to buy and sell recycled and upcycled material as well.

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