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When WordPress changed course from being a blogging-based website into a full-fledged content management system, many looking for just a blogging site switched to Ghost. Having started in 2012, Ghost is a NodeJS based open source blogging platform and is pretty simple and clutter-free.

Ghost is suited for bloggers and beginners who are more into the simplistic feel and want to create a minimalistic yet content-rich website for themselves. It’s free to download and use and also comes with a dedicated hosting option for those wishing to run a blog live on the internet rather than doing the other way round like creating a server and installing standard package.

It is quite user-friendly, and the dashboard here is neat and clean. There’s also rich post editor option in Ghost where you can edit the post and preview it live side by side. A fine-tune system for bloggers. It also has plenty of themes allowing you to change the feel of the site the way you want.

However, Ghost is still much of a newbie and isn’t as flexible as that of WordPress. It lacks in those additional plugins that you can always find in WordPress. Ghost is entirely limited to blogging and publishing site and doesn’t make much use for other than those. But that shouldn’t be the agenda that much.


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