10 Alternatives to Junk Jack and Other Top Action-Adventure Games

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Released on iOS in 2011, Junk Jack is an action-adventure sandbox video game. It is a multiplayer 2D exploration, mining and crafting game. The game is available on iOS App Store, on Google Play Store. It is created by the fantastic Indie developer duo Pixbits.

It is a relaxing sandbox game experience, which focuses on building and improving your home. Which can help you make this world sincerely yours in this game? You can discover new planets, tame and breed strange creatures, collect animal’s companions, cook food, farm exotic plants, collect fishes, grow flowers and play with your friends in the world of Junk Jack.

Players have to collect resources and aim to explore and survive in the randomly generated environment of Junk Jack, which is full of treasures and hidden secrets and filled with biomes on its surface and even underground. You collect items and craft them into other useful objects.

Like any other sandbox games, Junk Jack also does not have any clear objective and no plot. You have to create your storyline based on your own experience. However, in Junk Jack, you obtain items to travel to other worlds. Usually, the game strongly recommends the players for action.


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