11 Alternatives to Kamidori Alchemy Meister and Other RPG Games

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While coming across different categories of children video games, it can be analyzed that in the current scenario most of the children are interested in Role Playing Game that has mystery, adventure as well as the flavor of Dating Simulation. Kamidori Alchemy Meister is also an interesting Role-Playing video game that attracts children as well as the adolescents with its storyline and funny characters.

This game is like a Visual novel that takes control of Wilfred (or Will), travels in dungeons, and then gathers materials and craft the items to sell them at the shop and gather up party members.

The game was published by Eushully and was released in 2011. To come across the basic storyline of the game, it is about a young man in the city of Yuidora, named as Wilfred, whose dream is to become a great alchemist and for that he is all set to get his license to achieve his goal.

However, soon after getting a license, somehow he got associated with three different girls with different goals, and he agreed to hire them as his guards for the reason of helping out each other. In this way, the game continues with several breakthroughs.


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