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Last Man Standing is a last man surviving style game that is available on PC. It is developed by Shattered Skies. It is a battle royale game that includes massive shooting. There are 100 players fighting each other in a battle zone. The title of the game “last man standing” explains the objective of players. You must be the last one to win the ultimate player vs player battle. As other similar games incorporate building mechanics, meaning the payer can build a house and other construction for a safe place. But this game does not have building machanics, instead, you have to rely on the game surroundings for cover.

There is a good variety of weapons that is an interesting factor in this game. Once you spawn in, there is a large variety of gear to choose from. Also over 30 different weapons which you can find during the game and use it to kill the opponents. There are sniper rifles, assault rifles, rocket launcher, SMGs and many more. You start by collecting various resources that will give you an advantage over other players. There are a lot of customization options in this game. You can level up your character and unlock new features. As you play update your skills to dominate the game.

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