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Similar to the other romantic video games, Little Witch Romanesque is also a Dating Sim and passionate video game with the skills of witchcraft that is depicted in the game. This game has also gained popularity among the adolescents for the unique concept of its storyline.

The game has been developed by Littlewitch and published by JAST USA.  It is compatible with the Windows XP Operating System and other versions of Windows.  The main character of the gameplay is Domino, which the player would take care of the role.

As Domino, the player would mentor the other characters of the game Aria and Kaya in training for becoming witch and practice on the magical skills. It is all about showing them the way to the classroom to grow the skills that are required to practice the powerful magic spells.

Then they are sent on quests for evaluating their progress and acquainted them with the dangers that exist in the world. Then they are taught with the value of friendship, which is the strongest asset of the maze. The game is all about the magical surprises of the world of Stella Mundo, which is still in the process of recovery from the devastations of the Mage Wars.


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