10 Alternatives to Planet Explorers and Other Top Action-Adventure Games

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Released on 8 November 2016, Planet Explorers an adventure role-playing video game. It developed and published by Pathea Game. As an early existing game, the development of the game began in January 2014, but the game was finally released on 8 November 2016 for Microsoft Windows, Linux, OS X on the Steam digital platform.

The game allows you to change terrain and build bridges, walls and ramps and even complex structures and building and that too with many customizations. You can also copy and save them for later use. It also allows you to create loads of objects such as weapons, armors and different vehicles in any form you want, depending on the material or ingredients you have used. The game also includes many other activities like resource gathering, exploration of the randomly generated world and combat.

The game has many features and multiplayer modes. In a single player, the game has three distinct selections such as story mode, adventure mode and build method. In multiplayer mode, the game allows local area network and player hosted servers. They also have many officials servers in the lobby for the same. This game is a whole lot more than a 2 D open sandbox video game.


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