11 Alternatives to Roommates and Other RPG Games

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Roommates is an adult hybrid genre since it involves the concept of Dating Sim with the flavor of light comedy, which entertains the adolescent age group. It is a life simulation gameplay that starts raising the volume of the soundtrack by Leetstreet Boys including the central theme “Name in Lights.”

This game is compatible with Windows XP and other versions of Windows, Linux, and Mac OS 10.6+ versions. This game was developed and published by Winter Wolves, and it also supports the platform of Android Operating System. It is also a partly Role Playing Game that involves several charters like Sally, Rakesh, Max, Anne, Isabella, and Dominic.

To specify about the basic plot of the game, the players can choose any of the two incoming freshmen to Latin House which can be the character Anne who is very shy and bookish, or it can be the character Max who is a kind of Rock-star and cool guy. After getting into the Latin House and settling in.

It is then the time to decide the schedules and be with the crazy Roommates in the hope of getting together over spring break. This game gained its popularity among the teenagers and adolescent age group for its romance sequences.


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