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The advancement of computing power has changed a lot of things around us. Simulation games are not new. When it comes to real life simulation games Second Life is one of the oldest and most played real-life simulation game available online. The game can be played online and offer a lot of features making it one unique game. The things are designed just like real life around us. It gives you the option to create an avatar which you use to play the game.

There are things like love, hate, party, college and many things that you can do in this virtual world. It is a highly popular game online with a large number of players playing online. No matter what you are in real life, here you have the freedom to do anything you want and be anyone you want which is the primary factor for its huge popularity.

You get the 3D world with decent graphics. There is nothing to complain about the graphics as you do not need a powerful system to play it. You can simply log in to its website and start enjoying your new virtual life. While playing this you will find that there are some aspects that are really similar to the real life which make this more interesting.


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