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Shira Oka: Second Chances is a visual novel game that portrays features of Role-Playing game and proves to be very much exciting and attractive especially for adolescent children. All the children of teenage age group find excitement and amusement in playing this kind of simulation game. This game was developed and published by the Okashi Studios.

To describe the basic storyline of the game is that the main character of the game, Shira Oka has been given a second chance to re-live his past life and become the person that he always wanted to be. Thus all the colors of his life are in the hands of the players that would guide Shira Oka to fulfill all his incomplete dreams.

The player in this game would be able to control all the activities of Shira Oka like how he spends his time, with whom he makes friends and even with whom he falls in love, etc. It is just an exciting role-playing experience of the player.

The compelling characters of the video game are Satsuko, who played the role of the heavenly angel, who is the primary character guide to high school, Aya Hirakata, Kiku Matsumoto, Alice Avery, Naoko Ogawa, Kazuki Ogawa, Hiroshi Sakuragi, Rena Sakuragi, Suzu Inoue, Yui Arakawa and Kasumi Kusanagi.


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