10 Games Like Space Funeral and Alternative Role-Playing Games

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Space funeral is an independent role-playing video game and art game which was created and developed by the British developer named as the catamites. The world should be saved from a mysterious corruption by a boy named Philips who leaves home to save the world.

The players will have a hope for survival when they find the city of forms. The players who will pass through the blood cavern can arrive in the city of thieves. Certain objects may appear as the graphical glitches which are noticed by Philip. The king of crime will be defeated once the players will start making their way to the city of forms.

The narrative effects of this game are unique so that all the enemies can utilize the functions of the game. Some of the enemies are sentimental, and that is the main reason for the absurd weakness just like the silent films. The parodies of this horror game are notable by the players due to the frequent use of the blood in the graphics and dialogue. The twists in the game are repeatedly encountered by the bloody creatures which are involved in the game’s world at NPC’s place.


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