10 Alternatives to Starbound and Other Top Action-Adventure Games

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Released in July 2006, Starbound is an action-adventure video game. It is developed and published by Chucklefish. Although at its initial, it was designed for Microsoft Windows, Linux and OS X, but as still in development, it is getting ready for Xbox One, Play Station Vita and PlayStation 4.

The game begins with the destruction of earth and you will be alone in a spacecraft, which will shoot into space without any direction and you will become lost in a sea of stars. Moreover, finally, your space shuttle orbits a habitable planet, and from there a new adventure begins for you that will take you hurtling across the universe.

The game consists of quests and story-driven missions, which are buried inside its vast sandbox universe. The space shuttle will act as your vehicle while exploring the galaxy. It contains a teleport pad, which will help you to teleport down the planets.

Not only this, your shuttle will be fully equipped and will have many useful options like a ship locker for storing items, a cockpit for piloting the ship, a full panel for refueling your boat, and it will be fully customizable with themes and blocks, which you will be able to place within the ship.


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