10 Alternatives to The Blockheads and Other Top Action-Adventure Games

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The blockhead is a two-dimensional sandbox game. It is developed by Majic Jungle Software. It is an exploration, building, crafting and survival game, which is set up in a massive, evolving, procedurally-generated world. The game was first released on 10 January 2013, but just on Apple’s App store and launched for Android on 9 October 2013.  Currently, the game is available for all and that too completely free.

You can either play this game alone or with your friends, over online multiplayer. You can quickly join online worlds or can even create your multiplayer servers and all that is possible from right within the game

Basically, in the game, you can control avatars, which are called blackheads and they can create or destroy blocks. You have to collect or craft material resources and form exotic structures using a wide range of resources, while you explore all the beauties of the world like equators, poles, oceans, mountain ranges, deserts, weathers, climate, seasons and vast underground cave networks. You can build your farm and create your advances in technology. Shops, steam trains, electricity or more, craft and make whatever you want. It is entirely your world to create.


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