11 Alternatives to The Flower Shop and Other RPG Games

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The Flower Shop as the name suggests is a candid video game that is best designed for the adolescent age group with the excitement of dating and simulation video game. The Flower Shop game is compatible with the Linux Operating System, Mac OS 10.6+ versions, Windows XP and other versions of Windows.

The storyline of the game was written by Ayu Sakata, and the artist of the game is M. Beatriz Garcia. The game was developed and published by Winter Wolves. The game is also supported by Android and iOS Operating System. The game has two versions- The Flower Shop-Summer in Fairbrook and the other one is The Flower Shop-Winter in Fairbrook.

To discuss about the plot of the two versions of the game, we can begin with the first plot which is The Flower Shop-Summer in Fairbrook, where the college boy, Steve after breaking up with his girlfriend, he was sent to his uncle’s farm to raise crop and take care of the farm as per his weekly plan and romance with one of the four available girls.

The other one is Winter in Fairbrook, where Natalie after finishing her 1st-semester exams started to work in a flower shop, and similarly, she also needs to plan her weekly schedule and romance with one of the four available boys. Thus with two different plots, the overall game goes adventurous and exciting.


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