10 Games Like The Stanley Parable and Alternative Role-Playing Games

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The Stanley Parable is a storytelling video game which is very interactive. This video game was designed by Davey Wreden and released as a free modification on July 27, 2011. The new story elements are included in this game with a source engine modeller named as William Pugh.

In the game players will have many opportunities to take decisions on their path. The player can ignore the decision of the narrator and make a different choice. Although the narrator will provide comments for every choice made by the players. Eventually the consequences for those right or wrong choices have to be faced by the players only/

Steam Greenlight has approved and announced the remake of this game in the year 2012 but released it on October 11, 2013, for the Microsoft Windows. The support is added for this game with the latest updates for the OS X and Linux. The common perspectives of the first person are taken into consideration based on the action-based sequences.

Different endings can be encountered in the game by the player before the game restarts. The major video game titles are confined to the rules of the user. A critical attention is received by the audience with the modifications in the new variation of the game


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