6 Games Like To the Moon and Alternative Role-Playing Games for MAC

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Moon is an independent adventure game which is published and developed by freebies games. It was released in November 2011 for Windows and in January 2014 it was released with ports Mac OS X and Linux. The artificial memories are used to fulfill the wishes of a dying man by the two doctors who will be set in the coming future.

The two doctors can be controlled by the player with a few gameplay mechanics. The memories of a dying man can be reconstructed by solving the puzzles. A Canadian game designer Kan Gao has directed this game and the development of this game started in the year 2010.

This game was criticized for its lacking gameplay but later acclaimed for its narrative and music. This game is more like a story-driven games which will focus more on the surroundings and interpreting the information. The player can find the ways to get deeper into his memories. The memories of the players can be explored primarily to find the significant objects during the gameplay. The players may require certain memory in order to proceed to the next level. The characters and objects can be changed when the player will manipulate the memories.


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