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Why Am I Dead At Sea is actually an adventure cum mystery game where you can find the twisted murder at the center. The murder custom will be able to inhibit the other residents of the ship. Each combination of characters is used to identify the reasons for the demise.

The players possess various characters to investigate the murder. The people can talk to each other based on the unique conversations. The protagonists are not able to cover the Headspaces of the characters with the specific hints.

The main goal of the player is to identify the murderer before his death. The passengers on the ship will have the new abilities to recover the identity of the murderers. The players can solve the mystery of their murderer, and the ghosts can be used to investigate the surroundings and then solve the mystery of the murder. The video formats are not currently available on the browser to recognize the games. This game was published and developed by the Peltast software.

The other presidents are inhibited by the players to understand the cause of the murder and also the murder victim in the game.


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