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Best Anime Torrent sites specifically are you looking after? Well, surely it is little hard to find perfect anime torrent site. Anime series take the heart wholly of everyone. We often rely on anime series only when its hard time or we just want to chill without taking any stress. We have framed a friendly list of best torrent sites

Get all the stuff of animation, which you’re craving whether it be comics books to read. Any movie to watch or any influencing series. This post is surely for you.

I’ve marked the list of best torrent websites offering anime especially. Give it look. All of them are working quite efficiently so need not to worry. Also you can also check this list of best anime streaming sites.

Top Anime Torrent Sites


Animetosho is the biggest website with the huge anime data. It lets you download almost all the anime series, webseries, episodes, videos, etc for absolutely free. You may not find the interface very fancy but it is quite friendly. No matter how exclusive or unique you’re searching. Yu can always look to the site for best assistance.


AniRena yet another torrent like any other torrent. It allows you to download via uTorrentz. Go to one stop and look for all the stuff related to anime you want to download. It is specially for all the anime content only. Find your taste and keep rolling to easy anime downloading website.


Not bragging much about how big data it carries about Anime movies and series or how massive is its library. Let look at the special feature it carry. It even shows statistics of uploads and downloads with failure and success. Roll to any anime thing which you like. It even shows the korean anime dramas and movies in all the formats. Grab the HD anime forms now. Download watch and enjoy.


Bakabt is one of the best downloading torrent anime website. You’ll find all the vcontent which is around the globe in the name of animation. Download it in HD prind or 3D from its huge library. It offers quite good interface which is helpful for user. Now whether it be Ghost in the shell or Cowboy Bebop download it for free from Roll in the website and find whatever animation you want to see.

5) 9Anime

9 Anime is somewhat you can call ruling torrent website. It again has a massive library plus a lot of stuff which you can find just here. Nevertheless, it has pretty good interface. Not much attractive but still, enough to satisfy the user for his/her prefrences. It allows easy searches and bags the title of biggest anime torrent providing website.


Horribesubs is just not the torrent website which offer downloading content but it over cover the whole Anime genre. By releasing the latest news and much more. It has everything you require to see related to Anime. Bang on it and find everything from exclusive to rare and to unique. If you find this site banned in your country look for the VPN solution. Apparently, horriblesubs is not yet banned anywhere till now. Hoping the same for future.


Lime torrentz gives your enormous contents over movies sports and overall entertainment. Same is followed up to Anime also. It gives wonderful content over anime websites. From very popular Naruto, Dragonball Z to Ponyo, 5 Centimeters Per Second award winning movies to unpopular series. You can find everything for download.


Iso hunt is again similar torrent which offer all the content not just anime. The difference is it carries all the exclusive as well as unpopular content too. You can find ISO hunt not working at times. You can look for mirror and Isohunt proxy sites for that or you can run it thrugh VPN.  Just enter your favorite in the search column of it and you will find everything related to it. So just roll to the torrents.


Interface is fancy but no so comfortable if looking for torrents. It has a lot of data regarding Anime but you may not find, if you’re looking for something particular which not so famous. The sites just contain torretz for famous movies and series. Other than that it has no particular genre to hit. It has everything in bulk or it just doesn’t contain it. Anyway, you can try it if other’s won’t work.


Just look for the favorite. It has a massive library to offer you a lot. Not putting self in jeopardy. Just type the word and click to get your torrent. Sensational, exclusive or whatever you are seeking. Get it here. Just one stop point, when all your torrents fail. Look to it. It is exclusively just for animation, no other content.

Bottom Line

That’s all about best anime torrent website. You can look for the best website in them and grab your favorite Anime thing by one of these torrents. Apart from them, there are other torrents to lets you download anime items easily like pirate bay, extratorrent etc.

Happy Watching! 🙂

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