APPDODO :The Safest Place to Download Apps & Games for Android

As you can see the ratio of Android user’s is probably more than that of iOS or Windows users, but still, safety is a major issue for them. As the Android devices can easily connect to any website and you can freely download any application over them, which subjects your device, to be easily attacked by viruses. And to prevent your Android device from such virus attacks, you should visit the website of Appdodo. This site is one of the safest places to download all your latest Android apps and games. The portal of this website is very secure and fast, and Android users can easily download latest apps and games from Appdodo as it’s very simple and convenient.

It not only provides virus-free applications for Android users but Appdodo also has an exclusive column that offers a quality review and rating to the listed app. The website claims to provide a real review of every app and game it has onboard, which is tested by their authenticity testing team which makes the rating presented on the website 100% real. Super cool right, one website offering numerous quality features at free of cost. The list of the Appdodo’s functions are very long, so without wasting any time let’s find out some more interesting things about the Appdodo.

  • Simple &User-Friendly Interface-

Appdodo is a very straight forward and easy to use website cum apps store for Android users. The features and design of the apps store are apparent, and even a first-time user can easily operate it without any difficulty. All the apps and games are categorized perfectly for the convenience of the visitors. The interface of a website should be designed with a user-oriented approach, and that purpose is fully achieved by the Appdodo’s developing team. If you are a first-time Appdodo apps store visitor, then you can easily search the desired apps or games by categories developed by the Appdodo team and quickly download them. On the Appdodo apps store, you have four ways to reach your desired apps and games.

1.Search Apps by Category

All the Android apps offered by the Appdodo apps store is divided into different categories, and the user just needs to select the desired type and then read the review of users who have used that app or game and download that application. The diversified classes offered by the Appdodo apps store are:

  • Browsing
  • Communication
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Music & Video
  • News & Magazine
  • Personalization
  • Photography
  • Productivity
  • Security
  • Shopping
  • Tools

2.Search Games by Category

Okay, if you are a game lover like me, you can also experience quality games at the Appdodo app store and download different games daily. Gamers can easily download games according to their category and read the quality review of games before downloading your favorite game. The Appdodo store has following categories of games to offer to the game freaks:

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Arcade
  • Board
  • Card
  • Casual
  • Puzzle
  • Racing
  • Role Playing
  • Simulation
  • Sports
  • Strategy

3.Simply type in the Search Bar

If you are looking for some individual app or game, then you can enter the name of your app in the Appdodo search bar, and the result related to your keywords will be presented in front of you. Please note that the user needs to enter the exact keywords to obtain the desired results. Otherwise, you might not get the satisfying result.

4.Featured, Popular & Trending Categories

The Appdodo store also gives you the categories under which they offer all the featured, popular and trending apps and games. You can visit the featured category to see all the exclusive apps and games that are loved by other users. The favorite category has all the latest searched apps and games to make it easy to choose from the selected collection.

  • Quality Reviews& Ratings-

The Appdodo team believes in getting you, with the best information about the application which you are interested in and about to use. So, they review important apps to deliver you, with the most quality information about them. The reviews posted on the website are authentic, as they are tested by the review writer themselves first. They post 100% genuine reviews for better diversification and convenience of Visitors. Before downloading any new app, we always check its rating. So, the Appdodo rating system includes personalized rating & then collects the evaluation data from their loveable users. This makes the rating system of Appdodo, accurate and one of the most curtail feature of the Appdodo website.

  • Lightning Fast Web Experience

The Appdodo website provides you with a satisfactory and quality web surfing experience. The UX/UI of the Appdodo website is fully responsive which makes it easy to surf on any device, even on smaller devices. They do not compromise on the site speed, as they always keep it fast by using the fastest servers & compressed data, so you get a smooth surfing experience which is commendable and lag free.

The most amazing thing about Appdodo is that it’s secured by the https 128bit encryption, which makes sure that your information is secure with without any loops. They also scan every file before uploading, to remove any trace of viruses and make it secure to download.


The Appdodo apps store stands firm on every criterion of a quality apps store. The Appdodo web store offers, quality virus free games and apps with honest ratings. It ticks marks all the criteria of an excellent apps store. In my personal opinion, Android device owners must visit the Appdodo website once to new experience rather than the old Google play store. So, Android users should grab this opportunity and take advantage of this amazing apps store, to enjoy the latest apps without worrying about their safety.

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