Apple HomePod says Hello to Google Home and Amazon Echo

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is a conference held annually in California by Apple Inc. The event is used by Apple to showcase its new software and technologies for software developers. Talking about the new software and technology Apple has announced it’s new speaker, to rival Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home. Apple Homepod is the first brand-new hardware product by Apple since the Apple Watch.The speaker, powered by the Siri voice assistant, a seven-inch-tall canister wrapped in a cylindrical shape. The Homepod is not only smart assistance it has an array of speakers to create virtual surround sound.

Apple HomePod Vs Google Home Vs Amazon Echo

But how it is different from its rivals Google Home and Amazon Echo. Let’s take a look at that:

Design Comparison

Apple HomePod

The Apple HomePod is rapped under the cylindrical shape that measures 6.8 inches high (172 mm), 5.6 inches wide (142 mm) along with the 5.5 pounds (2.5 kg) Weight. The minimal design keeps it portable and easy to carry anywhere. It is available in only two color black and white. On the top of the speaker, you got the four-inch woofer along with six microphones at the top. There is a light and it will light up when you say “Hey, Siri,” it lights up at with a little waveform which is cute. At the bottom of the speaker, it has seven tweeters which produced a generic sound.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo also has the minimal cylinder with measurement of 9.25 inches tall and 3.27 inches around and weighs around 2.34 pounds. It’s a bit taller than Apple HomePod. It also comes in two colors as follow black and white. On the top of the speaker, it has the volume ring that lights up whenever Alexa(Amazon’s voice assistant) is activated. There is also two buttons one for the turn off the microphone, and another one for a multipurpose Action.


The Google Home measures 5.62 inches tall and 3.79 inches around. It weighs 1.05 pounds and comes in a variety of color, with swappable bases available in several colors and materials, including carbon, copper, snow, mango, marine, slate, and violet.

Specification Comparison

Apple homepod

The Apple HomePod is running on the Apple A8 chip. It’s the same chip used in Apple iPhone so as per the company Homepod is the most powerful speaker ever. The Developer gave more control and power to the Siri for a better result. Now you can do more task with Siri, in fact, if you have smart light or fan which is connected to the Wi-Fi then Siri can also control them. All you need to say “Hey Siri” and command it.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is running on the Qualcomm with 1GB RAM. The setup of the Echo is not a hard task all you have to do is just plug in the power cable and download the Amazon Echo app for your smartphone. Connect the Echo with the app and it is good to go. The Alexa will be fully handed free and you can perform any task you want.

Google Home is running on the Marvell Media Processor with Samsung 512 DDR3 SDRAM.

Features Comparison

Apple HomePod can perform a number of task like you can play music, News, Reminders, Weather info, Alarm & timers, Translation, Sport, and stock etc. This is not just an ordinary home assistance. As we know that On the bottom of the Homepod it has 7 twitter, it can play music also from the Apple Music store. Once it is connected with your iPhone, it will be able to play music from your saved playlist also. Here is the thing it can not be able to play the music from any third party app, so sorry for the Spotify and Pandora lover.Apple HomePod Features

It can also control your home appliances like Tv, Music Box, Lights and all other which is connected to the Wi-Fi. All you need to say it Hey Siri and whatever you want to Turn on or Off. It will be done by HomePod.

Amazon Echo features

Talking about features Amazon Echo has more control on that. It can also control you home appliance but for that, you need to configure it with them. That might take time but once it was done it will work seamlessly. The best part of the Echo is it easily perform the task from the third party apps like Pandora, Spotify etc. But in terms of the responsive Echo is need to work on that. There is some time when Echo get stuck and can’t get the answer.

Google Home Features

Google Home already have its own scene functionality, which Google calls shortcuts. The Google Assistant built into the Home also responds more flexibly to commands than Alexa. Google Home have a lot more functionality than both of them. Apple didn’t mention about the TV control but Google home can do. Google Home can also launch the third part app on your demand and you can search over there and play your favorite Tv series or song, whatever you want.

Features Apple HomePod Have but Rivals Not

Talking about the Sound Quality Apple HomePod is far ahead from both of Amazon & Google. The other thing to know is that Apple is doing something interesting with those seven tweeters. The A8 chip has the scene to produces the nice and decent sound as per the area or available space. It has the Spatial awareness with the help of this it can automatically adjust the Sound quality and provide the 3-D sound effect for you.

There is no more problem if being away from the Apple HomePod with the help of the HomePod app you can control it and perform all the task as it is in front of your eyes. There is another great functionality of the synchronization. The HomePod can easily sync with another HomePosd if they are connected to the same network. That’s something new and out of the box. They will play the same song at the same time and more.

Apple homepod speaker

Apple HomPod can play any song from the Apple Music store. You just need to order to the Siri and there you go it will be done. The developer gave the power to the Siri to dig into the Apple Music and also it can play the song from You music library or make new also.

Price Comparison

The Apple have set the price for the HomePod is 349$ which is quite expensive both if we look at the apple perspective A smart speaker valued around 300$-500$ and Smart Home Assistance have value 100$-200$. Now Apple is offering both functionalities in one device in just 359$ which is affordable.

On the other hand, Amazon Echo and Google Home is quite cheap compare to the Apple HomePod so they might get an advantage over there. Well, it is just matter of time as Apple Homepod will be available in December for all over the internet then it will be decided that price will effect or not.


As per the announcement by Apple about the Apple HomePod, it looks like HomePod is going to take over the Google Home and Amazon Echo. But they both have time to upgrade their Home assistance and make them better then HomePod. Let’s wait for the December when HomePod is going to live for everyone. Until then stay tuned for more exciting news and updates.

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