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Abhiyanshu loves technology and has been addicted to it since childhood. He believes AI, automation, and every day new tech will change our future. He works as a Tech Journalist at TechnoFiZi and has a significant craze for smartphones and laptops. He also loves watching Superhero/Sci-fi movies, playing games and traveling to new places.
Check WhatsApp Deleted Messages

Want to check deleted WhatsApp Messages? That’s all you need to do!

Well, we all know what WhatsApp is and how it works and is also one of the most used social networking application in the market now. We all use WhatsApp maybe to have a chat with our family and frien...
Kodi keyboard shortcuts

50+ Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts: Carry out Kodi Tasks Quickly

KODI is a top-rated and powerful open source media player. It was launched as XBMC in 2002, and since then it is gaining popularity may it be watching your favorite shows, movies or music on Kodi Box ...

A new tone of Improvement? Soft Gold goes live on OnePlus 5: Full Review

Since a while, OnePlus was out of news after the launch of their latest flagship phone, OnePlus 5 but teased few new color options to it on social media couple of days ago. After lots of guessing and ...
Sarahah to Snapchat

Sarahah: Send Anonymous Messages; How to use it? How to link your Snapchat Account to Sarahah?

Sarahah! Confused? What is it? What does it mean? Let me clear this for you. Sarahah is not any "English" word. Instead, it is an app, which is currently in the most trending app list on Google Play S...


Those days are gone when people were watching movies in 2D. Now is the time where you can experience film virtually, which is close to reality, thanks to latest VR headsets. Virtual reality is a fasci...

10 Best Microphones for Gaming (High Quality, Cheap & Budgeted)

In this Era of Gamers, every young kid or adult wishes to spend their free time with the latest/top games on their PC or Gaming Consoles and communicating with either your team mates, or opponents sur...

10 Best Upcoming PlayStation VR Games You Must Wait For

In Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017, Sony released some stomach-crunching Game Demos and also made some compelling announcements; from first-person shooters to head-turning spaceship battles, these ...

Induction Audio Tech? Bento Oaxis! Full Review

In this tech world, full of Bluetooth Speakers or Wi-Fi Systems, meet Close Contact Audio Technology Speaker, Bento which is something unusual, something strange from rest of the speakers by a company...
Best OnePlus 5 Case and Covers

Still A Flagship Killer? OnePlus 5 Tips and Tricks, Hidden Features, Review, & Cons

After the much Hype, Leaks, and Rumours from the past few months, OnePlus has finally launched its new flagship device, OnePlus 5, a Speed Demon. But here the Question arises is it still a Flagship Ki...