12 Best Cleaner Apps for Android (Free/Paid) to Boost Performance

Best Cleaner App for Android

Fall is on its way to take a holiday and winter has entered the room crawling, leaving a cozy feel everywhere. It’s time to clean up all the junks this fall has left behind. Well, talking of junks does it remind you of anything else? Is there anything else that needs a junk clean up and make it work in smoother ways? Of course, yes, how can you forget the device which your fingers are always busy playing with, making important notes and other stuff 24 x 7? Yes, it is your very own smartphone that you cannot go a day without. Smartphones are quite sophisticated and require regular maintenance, cleaning junks and boosting for best performance every time while you use it.

Now when it comes to cleaning junks there are a lot of cleaner apps that you will find on the android play store which might confuse you when it comes to choosing the one app for your smartphone that will not only clean all the junks but will also keep your device free from any malfunctioning because choosing a wrong app can clog up your disk space. So to keep your smart device digitally organized selecting a right cleaner app is essential. Here 12 such types of cleaner apps are being discussed, from which you can take a pick for your smartphone that best fits all the purpose.

Best Android Cleaner Apps (Free/Paid)

Many apps keep running in the background on your android phone that you are probably unaware of and they often make your device perform slower occupying a giant memory space.Though there are lots of ways to increase ram in Android phone but still these apps need to be cleaned and stopped from time to time that is not always possible to do it manually every time we operate our phones. Cleaner apps are just meant for those tasks that kill any unwanted background running apps from time to time and even clean and delete any unnecessary junk files. This content will discuss such 12 best cleaner apps that you can try for your Android phones.

  1. Clean Master (Boost & Antivirus)


Clean Master is most commonly and widely by most of the Android users across the globe. It cleans up all the unwanted history files, residual files, and much other trash from your phone leaving your phone with more free space. The most gripping quality of this app is it causes less battery drainage and itself has an interactive and colorful interface. This app is very user-friendly and has an added anti-virus and app manager.

  1. MobileGo (Cleaner & Optimizer)


This all in one cleaner and manager app for android with excellent cleaning capability and also boosts up the device. It manages all Apk files, cleans up all junk files and free space on your device. It is some more added features such as app manager, file transfer, and a safe eraser for all those addicted Android users who urges to download apps frequently. It is free and is best suited for such users with a clean optimized handset.

  1. DU Speed Booster & Cleaner


DU Speed booster is a very well-known cleaner app for Android phones. It is a great optimization all in one tool to choose for your mobile. It is not only a simple cache and junk clearing app but also a great app that even clears trash junks from your device and speeds the system functionality. It has a by default app manager, antivirus, speed booster, one-touch accelerator, internet speed test. Overall DU Speed Booster is a great choice for your phone’s overall cleaning process and performance.

  1. App Cache Cleaner


This is a free app that cleans all the cache files from your android devices caused by the stored apps. Cache files are stored by various apps on your device which gradually creates a hip of files on your phone storage memory and creates unwanted junks making your device run slower. This app cleans, such as junks, free up storage space and makes it run faster and smoother. One of the best features of this app is it gives a reminder when your phone’s storage gets filled with junks and requires a cleaning process. It is a one tap cleaning app and user-friendly.

  1. 1Tap Cleaner (Cache, History)


From the app name you can be clear the fact that it cleans and performs tasks on your device with just a single touch. Main features of this app are; history cleaner, Cache cleaner, call/text cleaner with few more additional features such as it has a default cleaning option which that clears the default actions. With this app, you can set your desired cleaning interval time without popping every time on the screen and bug you to say yes/no to clean. It is easily accessible and is free though with limited functionality.

  1. SD Maid – System Cleaning Tool


This app comes with two versions; one is free with regular maintenance and the pro version which is paid comes with added extra features in it. SD maid is suitable for cleaning and maintaining files on your device which acts more like a file manager to your device. It keeps a track of all the deleted files and folders from your device or which have uninstalled and deletes them, creating more free space on your Android device. It also tracks widowed folders on your device and removes them completely, the only limitation it has less optimization.

  1. CCleaner


This cleaner app is already a familiar and considered to be a favorite cleaner app for laptop and PC users. This app cleans up temporary files, downloaded files and cache from your device and works similarly like other cleaning apps freeing up space on your Android device. This app comes with a unique additional feature which is capable of clearing the call and SMS log space. It has many other attractive additional features such as CPU, pp manager, storage and Ram meter and many others that transform your Android phone into a great phone with high performance.

  1. Root Cleaner


This app is for those users who are tired of using normal android cleaner app and wish to go beyond in trying something new then this tool is the one for the which charges you a few bucks and is not free of cost. From the name, one is pretty sure that it requires a root permission that elaborately cleans up the whole device. It has two modes of cleaning; full clean and quick clean. The full clean, performs a massive cleaning process on your device, even cleaning up the Dalvik cache and requires the system to reboot.

  1. CPU Tuner


CPU Tuner controls excessive power consumption from your Android device. This app is also absolutely free of cost that you can get from your play store and is a tool which gives you desired performance on your device. It enhances the performance level of your device and requires root permission. It controls both overclock and underclock to save the battery life of your Android phone. Those users who demand a regular cleaning can for this app though it is highly for such users who are experts as it may result to be of little danger to those who are not so familiar with high performing cleaning tools on android.

  1. Device Control


This “device control” is a great system modifying tool for your device, that has an app manager, but mainly it functions and deals with systems’ settings section such as GPU & CPU settings including a whole performance on device OS settings. This app is recommended for those users who are experts in operating android device and it demands root permission.

  1. Cleaner eXtreme


Another cleaning app which is absolutely free of cost. This app is ideal for people who worry a lot about their data usage and gets annoyed due to the frequent crashing of apps. This cleaner app has immense potential to clean and handle a lot of junk files without consuming any larger amount of your system data. It is a one-tap app that deletes any junk after seeking your permission and takes required attention and care of other running apps of your device.

  1. The Cleaner-Speed up & Clean


This cleaning tool you can buy it for free. This cleaning app with a sheeny and interactive interface cleans all the junk files on your device and making more free storage space. It is downloaded and used by thousands of Android users. Its additional feature is it is capable of cleaning malicious apps, but with a few limitations for novice app users. Overall a good functioning cleaning app.

All these above cleaner apps for Android will help you to clean your device and make it fast without worrying you too much. All these apps are good to go with, so choose any one as per your choice and install them on your Android device.


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